Since 2015 Bacchus has been producing limited batches of Sakura models that feature Cherry Blossom wood on body top. As they have gradually gained reputation for the unique desgin and high craftsmanship, the Sakura guitars have become one of the most popluar models which represents the brand.  T-MASTER SAKURA-SP'18 has body that is fully made of Cherry Blossom, hollowed out for weight relief. It has Sakura motif artworks everywhrere on the componets 

This guitar will be exhibited Guitar Summit 2018 from 7th to 9th September. Please visit our special page below to see other exhibits 

Pickguard is made of purpleheart wood that naturally has vivid purple color. 


Sakura flower-shaped sound hole keep being covered while being finished


The neck joint area is slanted and sleekly rounded for smooth playability at the high frets