Another show model from Momose brand is also built with locally harvested tonewoods. This MC style guitar features Kaede(Japanese Maple) body top and neck and Han(Japanese Alder) body back. Though scientifically their characters are not far from Maple and Alder, which are typically used in the guitar industry, each of them has uniquie feels which are different from the Western woods. As a guitar maker in Japan we are honered and excited to make this special guitar using local tonewood materials. This guitar will also feature Kurogaki fretboard though it is not seen in the photos below. 

This guitar will be exhibited Guitar Summit 2018 from 7th to 9th September. Please visit our special page below to see other exhibits 


Flame Kaede Top


Han (Japanese Alder)


Kaede Neck


UPDATES: Application of Japanese Indigo Finish  (7th June 2018) 

We paint the body and the headstock in "Japanese Indigo" finish that was developped for this guitar.  Japanese Indigo, "Aizome" is the traditional method of dyeing in Japan which became popluar in the Edo period.  Originally Ai (indigo) is a dye that is collected from the leaves of the Japanese indigo plant. Its deep, bright blue color has attracted people since a long time ago. We mixed various types of stains to achieve the same feeling as the traditional Aizome color.  




UPDATES: Before assembly  (20th June 2018)