Aska Team Build series

Headway Aska Team Built series are built by a group of the most experienced builders at our Aska workshop, in the same manufacturing processes and techiniques as the ones of Customshop series built by Momose Yasuo.
ATB line often produces limited models using rare exotic wood side and back including cherry blossom and magnolia.

Features of ATB guitars;

Dovetail Joint

The dovetail joint greatly contributes to tone of an acoustic guitar increasing articulations and sustain. On our neck, the V shaped mortise is carefully desgined to be tightly inserted into the body. This construction increases strength of the joint section and the guitar sounds and responds as if it is made of a single solid piece of tonewood.

Post-coating Neck Joint

While majority of acoustic guitar manufacturers finish their acoustic guitars after joiting the necks onto body, we finish neck and body separately before they are put up together. There are two reasons why we do it. Firstly this way makes the neck joint beautifully done without a pool of coating material a long the heel of neck. Secondly it shows how precisely and tightly our neck is jointed with the body because joint section is not covered with coating nor painting.

Product Lineup