HEADWAY Japan Tune-up Series

Guitars of Headway Japan-Tune-up series are built in overseas factory and then literaly "tuned up" at our Deviser workshop to enhance playability and tone. They are carefully set up to be comfortably played on and recommended to entry level player who wants to start with a decent acoustic guitar, not only experienced guitarists.

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Features of JT series

Nut and saddle

On every JT guitars nut and saddle are carefully adsjuted to offer the best string actions so that they are easy to play. Edges of nut and saddles are smoothly rounded for comfortablity.


The fret wires are filed to keep even response and tone from every fret, with sand papers in differnt grit sizes being used. The edges of frets are rounded for smooth access to higher frets and comfortability.


JT guitars are strung with Elixir phospher bronze light guage strings when they are shipped out from our workshop.

Headstock inlay

Headstock is decolated with the eagle motif inlay, that was originally featured on Headway customshop guitars built in mid 2000s.

Soundhole label

Serial number of each guitar is handwritten on the sound hole label made from Japanese traditional paper.

Deluxe Gig bag

Brown deluxe gig bag with thick padding comes along with every JT guitar

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