Danny M Stewart


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I choose Bacchus over other brands because the quality of build is superb, as good as most of the high-end brands on the market now. They are rugged, reliable instruments with some of the best neck and fret-boards in the industry, but come at an affordable price.

I am not financially rich, so am always looking for bang for my buck, and Bacchus Handmade and Craft basses always deliver, I am even impressed with their global series too.


ワールドミュージック、ジャズ、ファンク、スークース、ソカ、ロック、ラテン、ドラムンベースなど多彩なジャンルを演奏するベーシストとして世界中をツアーする年月を重ね、著名なDJ陣のサポート、リアル・ワールド・レコーズのAyub OgadaやWarber Brosとの仕事、劇場音楽の作曲など多様な経験を積む。 ツアーの後にも、TVゲーム、テレビ番組、ラジオ、ウェブメディアなどの音楽制作の仕事に取り組み、クライエントにはカプコン、コナミ、BBC、イギリス大使館なども含まれる。

ピアノ、ギター、ドラム、パーカッション、ボーカルなど多様なスキルを持つマルチなプレイヤーでもあり、その腕は録音作品にも活かされている。 現在は家族と東京に暮らし、自身が率いるクロスオーバーバンド『Innobassion』、ポーランドのピアニストMichal Sobkowiakのバンド、石川周乃介率いるJazz-Funk集団『Uit Nederlands』などで活動する。


Danny spent many years touring globally as a professional bassist playing World, Jazz, Funk, Soukous, Soca, Rock, Latin, Drum n Bass and more; supporting high profile DJs, working with Real World Records (Ayub Ogada), co-writing at Warner Bros, in Theater and more. Secondly, he composes having worked on video games, television, radio and web media for clients including Capcom, Konami, BBC, and The British Embassy.

Thirdly he's a multi-instrumentalist with piano, guitar, drums, percussion and vocal skills to add to the mix. Now Danny lives in Tokyo with his family and performs with his original crossover band "Innobassion", with Polish piano meastro Michal Sobkowiak, and with Shunosuke Ishikawa's Jazz-Funk Collective "Uit Nederlands". He now endorses Bacchus basses, teaches, does video reviews of, and collects and deals MIJ basses through his Bass Japan Direct online shop.