STR "JTG DESIGN" guitar was designed by James Tyler, the legendary guitar builder who is renowned for the custom high-end quality guitars he has been building since 70's. 

It was 2014 when James Tyler guitars came upon the STR builder Satoru Yatsuzuka while they were planning a new series of guitars oriented for the Japanese market. They were looking for a Japanese factory that could build guitars the way they wanted and Aska factory managed by Satoru finally caught their eyes. 

Satoru and some builders of Aska factory were invited to Tyler's workshop in Los Angels to learn the processes to build James Tyler guitars and then spent several months to build prototypes. Tyler was impressed with the prototypes and he even said: "I couldn't tell the difference between these guitars and the usa guitars built here in los angels".

Since then, Aska factory has been manufacturing James Tyler Guitars Japan series and Satoru has been playing a central role in the production. 
In return for Satoru's dedication to the project, Tyler designed a new electric guitar for Satoru's own brand STR. This is how STR JTG DESIGN started. He spent months for desgining the guitar using CAD.

STR JTG DESIGN is the perfect fusion of Satoru's unequaled craftsmanship and James Tyler's guitar design that has been sophisticated for many years. Once you hold it, you will find the best quality in every detail.