Headway Clip Tuner HCT-25U


A Headway original clip-on tuner that is used by charging from the included micro USB cable. It is a clip-on tuner equipped with a piezo microphone, and in addition to the chromatic mode, it is equipped with a guitar, bass, ukulele, and violin modes.


Includes a 4-color display with high contrast giving you excellent visibility that allows you to tune your instrument without a worry, even on a dark stage. The clip part and the display part are connected by two joints, which has a wide range of motion.

Band frequency:A0(27.50Hz)-C8 (4186.00Hz).
Measurment method:Measuring vibrations through the piezo pickup located on the clip-on piece.
Calibration frequency:A4=430Hz~450Hz.
Speed accuracy:±0.5cent.
Battery:3.7V/110mAH Built-in rechargeable battery.
Charge time:1.5~2 Hours.
Full battery duration: Around 5 hours.
External dimensions:34×31×79mm.
Included:User manual, Micro USB cable.


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