Wrench for Aluminum channel truss rods


Suggested retail price・・・¥ 1000


A dedicated L-shaped wrench used when adjusting the neck for models that have aluminum channel truss rods. Compatible with Headway products made before 2011 (details below).


Click here for a detailed explanation of how to adjust the aluminum channel truss rod.


Headway guitar compatible with this wrench

■Headway Custom series: Before serial number "2640" (made before June 2011)

■Headway Standard series: Those without S in the serial number. (Products made before May 2014)

■Headway products manufactured in the 1970s and 1980s



・Headway guitars other than those mentioned above (ATB series, Universe series, JT series, etc.).

・Type of product that adjusts the truss rod through the headstock side.

Products with a special neck such as custom-made models, etc.

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