HW-80L- 5mm Wrench for truss rods


Suggested retail price: ¥1000


Headway guitars original adjustment wrench.

The size of the wrench is 5 mm, and it is used to rotate the truss rod when adjusting the neck warp. The solid wooden grip with a diameter of 20 mm makes it easy to adjust the neck. In addition, the corners are slightly slanted to make insertion easier.

Our domestic Headway models have a unique truss rod structure, so the nut of the adjust rod is at a deeper position than a general acoustic guitar. Therefore, it is designed exclusively for 80mm length models.


*The HN shape model and the model with an adjusting rod in Tenjin are not compatible with this tool.



Guitars compatible with the HW-80L wrench
■Headway Custom series, serial number -2641- onwards. (Made after June 2011)
■Headway Aska Team Build series, serial number -A00001- onwards (Made after april 2011)
■Headway Standard series, serial number - S00001- onwards (Made after may 2014)
If you are unsure about compatibility with your model contact our support team.
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