2019 HOM-115DB I


A feeling that will stay with you, that sounds like it feels.


Standing alongside the HD-115 in terms of its top-quality sound and ease of play is the 2019 HOM-115DB!

The 2019 headway limited model is a guitar made out of carefully selected wood and impeccable technique by the craftsmen in charge of the Headway Aska team build series, which has the uniqueness, elegance, and luxury worthy of a limited model.

Headway guitars long-awaited new release is finally here!

Headway ATB series’ first HOM shaped guitar

Headway craftsmen constantly seek improvement and work to create superior guitars. During 2019, the team worked on creating a HOM / DB shaped guitar that is easier to play and capable of producing amazing tones.

The base body shape is an HF shape with a very pronounced outline. From there, we add a 648mm scaled neck and that’s how we get to the HOM model base. Furthermore, the body thickness that controls the spread of the sound was decided to the same as the HD shape (DB = Deep Body * About 117 mm at the body end part).

The bracing of the inside of the HOM body and the front board are based on the “Advanced Rear Shifted X Bracing” design (ARS bracing) that has been actively adopted by Headway in recent years, we moved the crossing position of the X slightly closer to the soundhole for what we call our "Semi-rear shift" design.

The finished product of these specifications gave us slightly different playability and responsiveness from any other Headway guitar to date. The smoothness when you hold it, the depth of the sound it produces, and the richness of its bass are the strongest points of this model.
Please don’t lose the chance to try this incredible guitar.

Comparison with an HF shaped model... The body is made a little thicker than a regular triple-o. (Approximately 117 mm at the body end * There could be slight variations due to the nature of the production of this product)

Limited semi rear shift X bracing used only on the 2019 HOM-115 DB


Since this is a limited model we picked the materials very carefully.

1.Adirondacks Red spruce top

The body top uses red spruce from the Adirondacks, which has been kept dry and carefully stored for a long time, considered a prized possession for us at Headway all these years. It has been stored in a warehouse for over 50 years, waiting to be used in a product worthy of its amazing density and perfectly homogeneous composition. And finally, it has been used in the creation of this amazing limited-time model.

This model’s merits aren’t limited to only the top-class sound it can produce, but the feel to the tact and the unique-item aura it gives.


2.Madagascar Rosewood side and back.

Madagascar rosewood carefully selected by our craftsmen is used for the side and back of the body. Compared to the Brazilian rosewood (Jacaranda), which has already been exhausted as a material due to its sound, we went for Madagascar rosewood that is said to approximate the most to it among rosewood. The dense wood features vivid highs that are comparable to those of instruments made of Brazilian rosewood. However, Madagascar rosewood trees of high enough quality are getting more and more hard to obtain and few of them have good wood quality.

Only selected materials from the Headway stock were used in the production of the 2019 HOM-115 DB. This model excels on making great tones anywhere from high to low notes and packs as much of a punch as an HD shape model.


3.Honduran Mahogany neck


We used the rare Honduran Mahogany as the material for the neck. It is a luxurious one-piece neck construction, the whole neck was carved from a single piece of timber.


Features unique to limited models

2019 Limited model special design soundhole label.

GOTOH/SXB 510V 06 M GG machineheads that helps us get a good playability and sound.


Body Top
"Dead Stock" Red Spruce
Body Side&Back
Madagascar Rosewood
Honduras Mahogany 1P
Width at Nut
Scalloped Semi Advanced Rear Shifted X Bracing (Adirondack Spruce)
Thin Urethane
Hard Case, Allen Wrench, COA
JAN code