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JT series' first Mini Guitar

Presenting JT series' first Mini Guitar! By arching the body back, we made sure that the bass and volume you get from this guitar are nothing to scuff at, even with it's smaller body..


The perfect size to use as you please

We went with a 579mm scale for this model. It's quite a bit smaller when compared to a regular size's scale, making it way easy to carry around and easier to perform on.


▲Size comparision against a regular sized model.

Antique machine heads

For the machine heads we decided to go with elegant antique style machine heads that are a great match for the Mahogany body and combine to give a calm and collected vibe.



The new JT Series

It is often heard that a professional guitarist or an experienced acoustic guitarist won’t use a brand new guitar as it is, rather having it set up by a reliable repair shop or a guitar builder before starting to use it. They know that having an acoustic guitar properly set up is very important if they want to reach their best performance and achieve the ideal music they would like to create. The undeniable fact is that having good playability really makes differences in the performance and sound of an acoustic guitar. At Headway Japan Tune-up series, we are aware of this and we aim for superb playability even on our budget-friendly guitars. Every detail concerned with playability including the nut, saddle, frets, and neck action of JT guitars is carefully adjusted at our Deviser Workshop in Japan before they are dispatched to music stores. We use the term -Tune up- because the attunement done to JT guitars is not just simple adjustments to make the guitars playable, but they are to pull out the best of the guitars, enhancing the playability and the sound. JT guitars are a good fit for players at every level from entry class players to experienced ones.


Detailed Specs


Post-coating dovetail neck joint

The renewed JT guitars produced since the Spring of 2018 come to feature post-coating dovetail neck joint which contributes to both the sound and stability of the neck. Until then it has been feasible on only Headway guitars of higher ranges built by Aska builders due to requirements of highly skilled technique and preciseness, but we decided to give the new JT series the same treatment. As a result, the renewed JT guitars have increased articulation and sustain and increased stability of necks. The post coating neck joint offers a more sophisticated feel and appearance as well as providing preciseness

Nut and saddle

On every JT guitars the nut and saddle are carefully adjusted to offer the best string actions so that they are easy to play. Edges of nut and saddles are smoothly rounded for comfortability.


JT guitars are strung with Elixir phosphor bronze light gauge strings when they are shipped out from our workshop, where they are finely tuned for a pefect string action assuring ease of play.


The fret wires are filed to keep even response and tone from every fret, with sandpapers in different grit sizes being used. The edges of frets are rounded for smooth access to higher frets more comfortably..

Smooth matte-finished neck

Except for some special models, all the new JT guitars have matte neck, which feels smoother and improves the playability.

Included all-new gig bag

We include a durable gig bag with a thick cushion to keep your instrument safe. On the backside, there’s a big, A4 sized pocket, where you can comfortably carry all your accessories without a problem.


Body Top
Solid African mahogany
Body Side&Back
Laminated Sapele
Antique Brass Rotomatic Type
Fishman Sonitone
1Vol, 1Tone
Width at Nut
Neck Grip
Fingerboard Radius
Scalloped X Bracing
Natural (Urethane UV coating)
Elixir NANOWEB Light(.012-.053)
Gig Bag, Allen Wrench, COA
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