Handmade by Headway artisans using Japanese materials, we bring you the “Japanese Ukulele”

Headway Guitars, which was founded in 1977, celebrated its 42nd year this year and has now grown into one of the leading acoustic guitar brands in Japan.
We bring you a "Guitar maker's handmade ukulele" that puts the knowledge and experience of making guitars we acquired throughout those years into making a great ukulele.

Headway has a well-established reputation for making sturdy guitars that can be used for years with peace of mind thanks to the care into detail we put when making guitars, and this also applies to ukuleles. When making ukuleles we make sure to maintain all that attention to detail and carefulness to give you an instrument that excels not only in its sound but also in looks, with a simple yet elegant presence.
This model is made entirely out of cherry tree wood, hence the name -ALL SAKURA-. Each of these units is different from the other since we wish to preserve the naturally occurring details and beauty of the material for you to feel and admire.
The body, neck, and fingerboard are all made out of Japanese cherry tree wood, the bracing on the inner part of the body is Japanese “Kuromatsu” or Japanese black pine wood.
Compared to the standard for ukuleles, Mahogany wood, Cherry tree wood’s specific gravity is higher. Since not only the body but also the fingerboard and neck are all made out of cherry tree wood, the sound approximates that of a soprano ukulele, with a delicate sound to it and sharp mid-tones.

On previous cherry tree wood ukuleles we have produced, we included pickguards with cherry blossom petals designs to them, but this time around we decided to not include a pickguard to get the maximum out of the body in terms of sound.
On the other hand, the fingerboard position markers have small cherry blossom petals as a motif that combines elegantly with the gold-plated machine heads.
We are using GOTOH's UPT-UBN-GG machine heads for this model. The traditional ukulele uses a straight-looking friction machine head with no gears, but this construction is not great for tuning stability and makes operability pretty difficult.
The machine heads used in this model have a planetary gear mechanism, and while they look like traditional ukulele machine heads, they have gears and excellent tuning stability.
We used ultra-thin paint with a matte finish that gives you a calm texture.
The thin coating does not interfere with the vibration of the body and produces a very rich sound. This model maintains a simple appearance while bringing all the strengths of a Headway ukulele in a great cost-performance package you shouldn’t miss on getting.

It can support itself and stand when placed on the ground and comes with a cushioned gig bag. The gig bag also includes a pocket where you can store plenty of accessories such as picks and straps, it also has the great advantage of having a shoulder strap that will allow you to carry it on your back leaving both of your hands, free.

Body Top
Body Side&Back
Width at Nut
Thin Urethane