Jamine Liao(老王樂隊)


Jamine Liao(廖潔民)

A Bassist, arranger, and composer based in Taiwan. He is the bassist and composer for the band “Your Woman Sleep With Others”, and has attracted much attention for his unique playing style.

Having studied bass and guitar from a very young age, he was fascinated by Japanese rock and instrumental music. In 2016, he joined a folk-rock band “Lao Wang 樂隊”、which has been supported by many fans and has performed on various live events, including large music festivals and concerts in Taiwan. With extensive recording, arranging, and performing experience, the band has toured in many countries and cities, including Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, and China.

The Taiwanese band “Lao Wang Band” is known for its unique folk-rock style, sublimating ordinary moments of daily life into music with a unique approach. Amidst the melancholy cello playing and bass bass bass, the band presents folk storytelling and rock playing at the same time. The band blends elements of folk, classical, and rock into a unique musical experience, creating an engaging musical experience.

Band Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/your_woman_sleep_with_others/

Jamine Liao’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jamineliao/