Ever since the brand was founded in 2006, we at SeventySeven have always strived to get a high-quality raw tone on our domestically-produced semi-acoustic and full-acoustic guitars, and have established ourselves as a popular, well-known brand in Japan.

Now, in 2020 we are launching our new lineup the – SeventySeven Japan Tune-Up – series. Thanks to over 40 years of guitar making experience acquired since 1977, and the know-how that comes with constant development and attention to the player’s needs, we have been able to tune even the smallest details of our products to achieve peak performance and give the player all the means he needs to create amazing music. Additionally, we make sure to set-up our instruments so they arrive in their best condition and ready-to-play from the moment you pick them up. But please, don’t take our word for it and give them a try yourself so you can experience their immaculate performance first hand.

Product Lineup





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A demonstration clip of the new SeventySeven Guitars Japan Tune-up Series, by guitarist Maruyama Tatsuya.

EXRUBATO-STD JT×Maruyama Tatsuya



HAWK-STD/DEEP-JT×Maruyama Tatsuya

It’s well known that pro guitarists normally don’t use their newly bought guitars straight the way they are set up from the factory, rather they take them to an expert they trust to get it set up to their preference before performing. Veterans who are well acquainted with their guitars also file the nut and finely tune them to get the sound they want by themselves. But with -SeventySeven Japan Tune-Up- series’ trustworthy factory setup, you can rest assured that your performance will be as good as it can be without any additional tinkering required.

An easy to press high string configuration

One of the biggest contributing factors to how easy to play guitars are is the string height. The strings are carefully adjusted one by one in order to give them just the right height to maintain a great sound while making them easy to press.

A very meticulous treatment to the frets

Every fret edge goes through a number of different rounding processes that range from using sandpaper, steel wool, and other tools to give every single fret edge the careful treatment needed to make them as smooth as possible so you can slide your left hand with ease, even on the higher frets.

Humbucking Type

The original SeventySeven AL5S P-90 pickups utilize alnico 5 magnets. The AL5S pickup has a moderately powerful single-coil sound with a distinctive thickness, but at the same time allowing for delicate and subtle nuances to shine through your performance. From the immaculate clean tones to the crisp drive tones, these will provide all the options you need to elevate your performance.

P-90 Type

The SeventySeven original -SeventySeven AL2- pickups that employ Alnico 2 magnets. Give us clean tones comparable to the dazzling bell-like sound that won’t hurt your ears but rather give you a warm, fuzzy feeling while at the same time, if you use an overdrive pedal, you can get a crunchy tone with a crispy edge to it. It will provide you with all the means to boost your creativity and give you a rich experience that undoubtedly will help you make beautiful music.

We are using a slim C-shaped neck, easy to perform on even for players with small hands, and even for pieces with lots of cord changes, allowing you to take on even the most challenging of songs with ease. With the help of our smooth taper, you will be able to effortlessly glide from a low position to a high position and back without a hitch.

For the machine heads, we are using Kluson machine heads with their smooth knobs that have a great rotation and solid stability to them, making tuning a breeze and allowing you to focus on your performance without having to worry about anything else.

For our EXRUBATO-STD, we are using a stylish ABR-1 type bridge, a bridge that really gives off that nice vintage feeling.

For the HAWK-STD/DEEP, an ovangkol wood adjustable bridge is being used. A bridge with similar qualities to a rosewood bridge, but able to provide greater support to the strings’ vibration.

A specialized hard case with SeventySeven’s logo on it is included, designed to provide great protection to store your valuable instrument.