The 5-string basses of the new 2022 RSM series are finally here!

The goods keep coming and they don’t stop coming! As promised, the 2022 RSM series is all coming along great and the last remaining pieces are finally here, both of the new 5-string basses that many of you were waiting for finally have a face you can look at! 

The Bacchus Universe Series is a high-cost-performance series aimed mainly at entry-level players. In 2020 we introduced the RSM Series , which uses roasted maple, a material that was previously reserved for high-end models, at an affordable price. Thanks to this great package, it has attracted attention not only from entry-level players, but also from intermediate and advanced players who are purchasing their second or third guitar.

For players who are picking up a guitar/bass for the first time, the RSM series presents a level of quality previously out of reach and a instrument that will acompany them for a long time to come. We want to help you start your journey to a wonderful musical life! Additionally, each and every one of our basses is inspected by Japanese craftsmen, and only those that pass our standards are shipped to music stores around the world, so you don’t have to worry about receiving a faulty unit!

The 2022 lineup also introduced the first RSM model with an offset shape. The WINDY features a TOM-type bridge, which is not used on the standard JM type, and which not only improves tuning stability, but also provides a quick response and straightforward sound. By going with a two P-90 type pickups configuration, the WINDY has both the thick and mellow tone of the neck PU and the crisp and sharp tone of the bridge PU.

The 5-string basses are here!

Let’s give both of the new 5-string bass models a look!



33-Inch Roasted Maple Neck

*Example using one of our WL-CHIIPAN 33-inch models

The main feature of this model is its 33-inch scale. The 33″ scale is 1″ (approx. 2.5cm) shorter than the 34″ scale, which is the most common scale for electric basses. This has the advantage of slightly narrower fret intervals for easier fingering and lower string tension for easier string pressing. This is a good choice for people with smaller hands and for beginners.

The second big feature is that they have a roasted maple neck. When maple is heated at high temperature, the moisture and oil in the wood volatilizes, and the wood becomes dry, just like what you would naturally find in vintage guitars. When the wood is dry, it is less likely to expand and contract, and even models with very strong string tension, such as 5-string basses, become significatively more resistant to warping. This also has an effect on the sound, giving it a more withered tone like that of a vintage model.

Characteristics of the 5-string basses

We’ve been talking about 5-string basses for a while now, but what exactly is a 5-string bass? Here’s an explanation for those who are wondering. A four-string bass is limited to the note E, but a five-string bass has one additional string lower than the fourth string, so it can play even lower Low B.

Some say that more strings make fingering more difficult, but this is not true. When you play a low note, you have to go back to the fret on the neck side on a 4-string bass, but the note F on the 1st fret of the 4th string and the note F on the 6th fret of the 5th string is the same note, so if you are playing around the 6th fret, for example, fingering on a 5-string bass can actually be easier.

Also, the space between the strings is narrower than that of a 4-string bass, which makes fingering between the strings a little easier.
In addition, the 33-inch scale that we mentioned earlier makes it very easy to play compared to other 5-string basses. If you usually use a four-string bass but have not been able to get your hands on a five-string bass, you should definitely pick one up.

Active specification and control panel

This model has an active layout with Volume, Balance, Treble, and Bass, allowing for a wide range of sound creation.

You can use the Balance knob to set the balance between the output of the front and rear pickups, the Treble and Bass 2-band EQs to equalize the sound to your liking, such as adjusting the thickness of the sound. Lastly, the Volume knob to set the final sound volume and set the sound output of the bass in the band ensemble. There is also an on/off switch for the preamp between the volume knob and the balancer, so you can switch from active and passive at your whim.

A wide range of sound output and adaptability

The WL5-ASH33-AC RSM/M uses ash wood for the body, which gives you an ample, wide-range of sounds to work with and has a good sound output in general. It is painted in see-through color to bring out the grain of the wood, and together with the roasted maple neck and styilish pickguard, you can fully enjoy the atmosphere of the wood just like you could with the high-end WOODLINE series.

Like the 4-string model WL4-ASH33 RSM/M, this model also features fingerboard binding and block positions, giving it a gorgeous look befitting its amazing sound.

It will be on sale
from the middle of April 2022!!