#OneDayGuitarShow2022 – SeventySeven EXRUBATO Made In Aska – REVIVAL

The SeventySeven EXRUBATO made by the Aska workshop is coming back!!!!


Production for this model was regrettably halted years ago and we have received numerous inquiries asking
“Do you still have Aska-made EXRUBATOs???”
In response to the requests of our customers, we will finally decide to revive the EXRUBATO for the 2022 One Day Guitar Show.

The ALBATROSS was renewed in 2020. Two years have passed quickly since then.
It’s not so much a renewal but a revival.
Let’s take a look at what kind of model we have on our hands this time around, along with the features of the EXRUBATO!

■Distinctive body block that produces the EXRUBATO sound

Although the EXRUBATO is classified as a semi-acoustic guitar, its internal construction is ingeniously different from that of a typical semi-acoustic guitar.

Like an acoustic guitar, the body is composed of a top, back, and sides, and as the “semi” in the name suggests, the center block is placed in the center of the body. This allows the sound to have the sustain and tightness of a solid guitar, and also allows the bridge and pickups to be mounted in the same way as on a solid guitar. On the other hand, the center block divides the space inside the body to the left and right, which suppresses the acoustic boxy feel of the sound.

The EXRUBATO, while taking advantage of the merits of the center block arrangement, connects the space between the left and right pickups near the front pickups, and also removes a large amount of bulk from the rear part of the body.
This gives the entire body a more acoustic and boxy sound, and the lighter weight makes it easier to handle.

■A luxurious flame tochi top

EXRUBATO and other semi-acoustic guitars use laminated wood for the body material. Generally, there are few variations of this laminated material, and the most widely used material is maple.
However, for the revival of the EXRUBATO, the Aska factory supplied the finest flamed Japanese horse chestnut (Tochi) to a lumber supplier, who then order-made the laminated material.

■New position markers design & White pearl pickguard

The position markers feature a new design that gives a cleaner look than the conventional block type.
By shaving the fingerboard material and embedding the parts into it, every detail is beautifully finished.

The pickguard is made of white pearl acrylic to match the position markers, and the SeventySeven logo mark is added in resin.

■Blue x Flame tochi

We selected “blue” for the coloring of flame tochi, which has a prominent grain.
Compared to maple, the color of the wood itself is white, so it does not interfere with the color of the painted wood, making it a particularly good match for cold blues.
The combination of two colors of blue, a base blue and a gradation of blue on the top is well-balanced and brings out the grain of flame tochi wood to the fullest extent.

Stay tuned for the full story at the Deviser One Day Guitar Show on Tuesday, November 15, 2022!

Deviser One Day Guitar Show 2022

We will reveal all the limited edition and new products of the various Deviser brands on its own feature site on November 15!
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