The One Day Guitar Show 2020 Renewal Model -ALBATROSS-JAZZ20- Is Here!

During our latest One Day Guitar Show in 2020, the SeventySeven -ALBATROSS- was reborn into this latest of models.

Right now we are finishing-up and readying-up to get this beauty into stores all over the world, so we wanted to make an introduction for it in preparation!

About the SeventySeven ALBATROSS

SeventySeven started in 1977 to further develop the high-quality raw sound of HEADWAY’s acoustic guitars!
ALBATROSS is a classic model that can be said to be synonymous with the Seventy Seven brand. The main features of the ALBATROSS models are their good handling and rich bass. Unlike a regular chambered guitar, the center block is placed after the entire body is hollowed out.

Maple is used for the center block. Combining the mild mid-tones of the mahogany back with the maple’s attack and articulation this is not a combo that will let you down. With the latest revision of the ALBATROSS, we also renewed the design of the center block. With this renewal, the design of the center block has been renewed. We managed to reduce the center block’s mass while maintaining great stability, this way we improved the desired “Hollow” qualities of this model without making any compromises!


Stika Spruce Top & Mahogany Back Combo

For the body top, we went with Stika spruce to get a soft tone that expands and fills the room very nicely.
For the back, we went for Mahogany for its characteristic rich mid-tones and bass that we feel will give a lot to your performance.

High Quality Ebony Fingerboard

The fingerboard is made of ebony, which has a high-quality feel with a good rise in sound. and
The combination of the Ebony fingerboard and the body materials complement each other very nicely!

Acoustic-like Decoration, Herringbone & Tortoiseshell Binding

The decoration is also finished with an acoustic style. The body top is decorated with herringbone to give it that distinctive look, while a  tortoiseshell binding is used for the entire body to give it a luxurious finish.

Renewed Inlay Design

The headstock inlay design is also renewed, inspired in a “77” and the -Aska Made- legend featured proudly in the middle of it.
This results in a high-class looking headstock that, combined with the rest of the body, converys elegance and class.

MOJOTONE×SeventySeven Original Pickup

Implementing the hand-wired pickups from the hand of Mojotone, a renowned manufacturer based in North Carolina, USA. Mojotone offers its high-class pickups to more than 250 brands worldwide, being a favorite for their characteristic vintage pickups, which are highly regarded by players and manufacturers alike.
The renewed ALBATROSS uses a set of pickups we developed in collaboration with Mojotone, and fittingly named “Classic 77”.
It utilizes Alnico2 magnets, which are on the weaker side among the Alnico family and a lower amount of coil turns giving, as a result, a low-output that enables a more clear sound, even when distorted, and boasts tight mid-tones and rich sustains. This combination gives a more defined and unique character than the vintage PAF. This renewed ALBATROSS really allows for a nuanced play and adapts well to anything you throw at it!

Please remember to contact your local dealer to get yours!

・SeventySeven ALBATROSS-JAZZ20