SeventySeven Japan Tune-up Series Price Changes

To our esteemed users

The recent and continuing rise in raw material prices, as well as the depreciation of the yen, have caused production costs to continue to rise significantly.

In order to absorb the increased costs, we have been making efforts to maintain product prices by reviewing production efficiency, and other factors. However, it has become too difficult to maintain the existing product prices, and we regret to inform you of the following price revisions.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our customers, and we ask for your understanding as we strive to provide better service and better products in the future.

[Affected Products]SeventySeven Guitars Japan Tune-up Series

[Date of the price revision]4th of September 2023

*Please refer to the file linked below for details on the revised prices.

Deviser Co. Ltd.