Bacchus Handmade Series Production Hiatus & Renewal

Recently, we have suffered continuous price hikes of raw materials, the production cost has continued to rise significantly as a result of soaring crude oil prices and the rapid depreciation of the Japanese yen. Due to these circumstances, it has become difficult to maintain the existing production system for the Handmade Series as it is, and with the exception of some products, production of the Bacchus Handmade Series will momentarily stop as of August 31, 2023.

We previously announced that the WOODLINE series was going to be affected, but this had to be extended to almost every Handmade series model.

The Handmade Series will go through a renewal process and it will be brought back as soon as possible, but the release date for the new and upcoming models has not yet been determined.

We deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused by this decision. We will continue to make every effort to improve our services and provide better products, and we ask for your understanding and cooperation in this situation.

【Afected Models】
Bacchus Handmade Series Every model

※【Models not affected】

【Last day of production】
August 31st 2023

【Re-release Date】
Not yet decided

September 2023
Deviser Co. LTD.