The long-awaited SeventySeven Korina model is now in production! [Deviser Special Showcase Event 2024]

The SeventySeven brand, which inherits the technology cultivated by Headway for acoustic guitars and pursues high quality by making the most of the characteristics of the materials, is now producing a limited edition model using wood that fans have been longing for! In this issue, we report from the Aska workshop on the manufacturing process.

That wood material that’s synonymous with set neck models

SeventySeven’s semi-acoustic models share a common construction feature called a set neck, in which screws are not used to join the body and neck. SeventySeven also uses maple or mahogany woods for regular models, but this time we are producing a special model for the Deviser Special Showcase event.

And since this is a special model, we are using a wood that enthusiasts really love…

-Korina Wood-

High-quality Korina wood is becoming increasingly rare nowadays, but we are bringing you a limited edition model that uses it for this showcase event!

Korina Wood × ALBATROSS

The -ALBATROSS- model features a double cutaway design and a small body, and has a Korina body and neck. The entire body is hollowed out before the center block is placed to reduce the overall weight of the instrument. It offers a pleasant bright and clean sound and sharp sound that cuts through the mix thanks to the Korina semi-hollow body!

Korina Wood × STORK

This is the STORK- model with a single-cut arched body and semi-hollow construction. Like the -ALBATROSS- model, the neck and body are made of Korina. The sound quality goes without saying, and the beautiful grain and slightly blackish details that are characteristic of Korina give it a strong presence even before it is finished.

Both the -ALBATROSS- and the -STORK- feature humbucker P-90-type pickups, co-developed with Mojotone®!

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More details about this model will be available on the feature website to be released on May 22! Information on the new products and limited edition models coming to the 2024 Deviser Special Showcase Event will be slowly added and available in preparation for the event at the link below!