Omoi (P!SCO)


Omoi (Chang Yi Wen)

With mastery of bass rhythm and a strong musical foundation, Omoi performs Japanese-style music with smooth skill. She works in the Taiwan band scene as a bassist, pianist, and songwriter.

Having practiced piano since youth, Omoi started learning the bass at 18. In 2013, she joined the well-known indie band P!SCO, and once ranked among the top 10 finalists at the Hohaiyan Rock Festival and won Best Live Performance at the Golden Indie Music Awards. Highly experienced in live performances, Omoi has left strong impressions across all major music festivals, school shows, and all kinds of commercial shows in Taiwan, and has garnered numerous invitations to perform in major events throughout Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, and China.

In recent years, Omoi has dedicated herself entirely to music, and has performed as a band member with many artists and musicians as a professional session musician. In 2020, she formed the band GOTA, and in 2021, she joined the band The Shine&Shine&ShineShine. Omoi actively expands her musical horizons, playing across multiple genres and showcasing her infinite talent.

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