He’s been uploading content to Youtube and Niconico since the dawn of times, leaving a strong impression to all of his viewers thanks to his eccentric performance and superb proficiency, it’s H.J.Freaks! Bacchus has joined forces with H.J.Freaks and developed the new signature models “WL4HL-H.J.FREAKS” and “WL5HL-H.J.FREAKS” and are now available for pre-order all around the globe.While these new models have the regular design of a WOODLINE HEADLESS Bacchus bass, they received an update to their functions and sound based on the feedback given by H.J.Freaks and his necessities during performances. In order to accommodate the needs of all players both a 4 strings model and a 5 strings model are scheduled for production.

WL5HL-H.J. FREAKS 5-Strings Model

WL4HL-H.J. FREAKS 4-Strings Model

Product specifications

NECK Maple
FINGERBOARD R 4st 310mm /5st 400mm
BRIDGE Hipshot Headless Bass System GD
FRET Sanko SBB-214 Nickel Silver
CONTROLS Vol/Tone (Stack), Blancer, Treble, Middle(Pull-up = mid frequency switch) Bass Mute Sw x 1, Active/Passive Sw x 1
STRINGS DR Hi Beam Stainless
Accesories Jim Dunlop strap lock, Complementary products, Wrench, Bag

Easy to handle headless construction

Be it during a live performance, rehearsal at a studio, recording, or just practicing at home, the headless construction employed in this model presents great handling regardless of the situation. Its length is close to the one of a regular electric guitar. providing excellent portability when carried in a gig bag. The contoured slim body inherited from the Bacchus WOODLINE family is easy to hold and allows for comfortable performances even over extended periods of time.

Special control layout

The control layout was designed based on H.J.Freaks’ requests, having, as a result, a special layout that is equipped with a 3 band equalizer and passive tone that allow for a great variety of sounds. Both active and passive tones provide you with a wide range of useful sounds to work with. The kill switch and passive/active switch are both located near the bridge for quick and easy access. The output jack is not located on the bottom, but rather on the top in order for the shielding to not interfere when placing the instrument on its stand or the floor, and also facilitating the handing of the bass, overall creating a more convenient user experience.

Aguilar Pickup & Preamp

From our wide selection of pickups and preamps, H.J.Freaks chose a combination of the Aguilar Hot Jazz pickup and the OBP-3 preamp. With its 6mm diameter alnico 5 magnets, the Hot Jazz pickup is a very balanced pickup capable of producing very powerful results while maintaining a pure sound that allows for any kind of player to introduce their own nuance into their music. With the Aguilar OBP-3 preamp, you have the possibility of pulling up the middle pot in order to switch the frequency from 400hz to 800hz, allowing for a wide range of different sounds.

Reliable hardware

Equipped with a Jim Dunlop flush mount strap lock right out of the box, the strap is sure to hold strong. With a made in America headless system (Bridge & Headset) from Hipshot that is compatible with single ball-end strings. giving the user a wide selection of strings to choose at their own preference.

Oil finish

Brandishing Bacchus’ emblematic ash wood body, with an elegant oil finish. It allows for a rich raw sound thanks to its open-pore finish.

DR Hi-BEAM stainless steel strings

Featuring H.J.Freaks’ long time favorites, DR Hi-BEAM stainless steel strings right out of the box. Stainless steel strings have superb durability while providing a bass with range to cut through any mix.。 .

※The real product might differ sligthly from the photos since they are from prototypes

The special pickguard has a 2D illustration of H.J.Freaks and is signed by H.J.Freaks himself! The complimentary items are limited only to the first batch and the original cleaning cloth comes with an original illustration and a special design. The original Japanese fan comes with bold photographs from H.J.Freaks.

↑ Original Japanese fan

↑ Special design pickguard (complimentary items are limited only to the first batch of production)

H.J. Freaks・Artist Profile

A bassist from Seoul that encompasses all genres. He has gained fans all over the world throughout the years thanks to his great technique and undeniable talent.
Currently the bassist for “Oriental Express” his fusion band, and “H.J.Freaks’ Meek traveling orchestra”
He was in charge as the bassist for many great hits such as the Opening songs for shows such as “Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend” and “The King of Fighters Destiny”.
He also provided support as a bassist in sessions with many renowned artists such as Hironobu Kageyama, Masaaki Endoh, Yoshiki Fukuyama, Chihiro Yonekura, Raon Lee, and many others.
Furthermore he has co-starred with many other artists such as Senri Kawaguchi, Masatoshi Mizuno, Ishikawa Shunsuke and Miyawaki Toshiro.
He also has an incredible affinity for songs from the Vocaloid and Anime subculture.
You can find him not only on Youtube where he uploads all kinds of great content, but also performing live shows beyond the borders of South Korea too, performing regularly in countries such as Japan, Honk Kong and Taiwan.

Official Website:https://www.hjfreaks.work/

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