Traditonal Evolved is the new shape of the STR Custom Shop Series, the “TE” shape was developed based on the concept of “a bass that is easy to play and easy to control”. STR, which has long excelled in modern design, has taken the design and specifications of traditional basses and interpreted them in its own unique way, and has carefully reviewed the playability and operability of these basses. The TE is a new innovation that evolves the appeal of traditional basses in the STR style, while maintaining the high-precision construction and sound of Satoru Yatsuka.


New body shape developed for better body balance

The body shape of the TE is based on the “LS” shape, a 24-fret double cutaway, and was developed through repeated fine-tuning in search of a better body balance. By shifting the center of gravity slightly to the lower part of the body, the neck is less likely to tilt down, and the body balance is stable both when wearing a strap and when playing seated.


Pickguard with a wide range of design options

The pickguard-less design has been the mainstream design for STRs up to now, but since many users demanded it for playability purposes, the TE is equipped with a newly designed pickguard. A wide variety of pickguards can be selected, allowing for a more personalized custom order experience.


Control layout that also takes passive operability into consideration

The 2-volume + 1-tone control layout that is commonly used on most passive basses and loved by many players has been preserved for this design, with the 3-band EQ arranged in parallel. The layout is also designed for ease of use and sound creation in passive mode, making it easy for players accustomed to passive bass operation to get used to the layout.


Redesigned neck grip

The neck grip has been reshaped to be slimmer than before, and the fingerboard edges have been smoothly rounded to provide a snug fit in the hand. The depth of the neck joint is slightly shallower than that of previous STRs, and the structure is closer to that of an conventional bass, giving it a more traditional sounding character.