STR Custom Shop Gallery

Each STR Custom Shop instrument is a “one-of-a-kind” instrument with unique specifications and is either custom-made to the customer’s request or created for special occasions such as musical instrument events. Each instrument is made with the utmost care and attention to detail, including the use of gorgeous tonewoods and customer-specific inlay designs that are not possible with mass-produced instruments.

This STR Custom Shop Gallery is an archive of some of the STR Custom Shop basses and guitars that we have made through the years. We hope you will enjoy looking at the instruments we have made, and also use them as a reference for your custom-made basses and guitars.

Electric Basses


The letters at the beginning of the model name refer to the basic body shape, the first digit of the number specifies the number of strings, the second digit specifies the scale, and the last digit specifies the pitch between the strings.

About the body shapes

LS(Lead Style)24 frets, mostly 3-piece or 5-piece neck, double cutaway, bolt-on neck joint
CS(Classic Style)21 frets, primarily 1-piece neck, double cutaway, bolt-on neck joint
SC(Single Cut)24 frets, single cutaway, bolt-on neck joint
DLS(Deluxe Lead Style)24 frets, double cutaway, set-neck joint
DSC(Deluxe Single Cut)24 frets, single cutaway, set neck joint

About the first digit


About the second digit

333-inch scale
434-inch scale
535-inch scale

About the third digit

818mm string pitch
919mm string pitch

LS model

LSA model

CS model

SC model

DLS model

DSC model

Electric Guitars