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While his main focus is on fingerstyle solo guitar, the new generation solo guitarist Tatsuya Maruyama is gaining a worldwide following for his music influenced by EDM, electronic, and other genres, as well as his tight, groove-oriented playing style. In order to achieve the sound and playability sought by Tatsuya Maruyama, the body shape, materials, and parts were selected and setup standards were adjusted, resulting in a guitar that coexists with enveloping warmth and refined sharpness.


MSRP・・・JPY 110,000(w/o taxes)

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Solid Engelmann Spruce Top

Solid Engleman spruce was selected for the top material. Its soft woody texture produces a sound that gently flows and expands around you.


Flame Mahogany Sides & Back

Flame mahogany, which produces rich mid-range tones, was selected for the side back material. You can also enjoy the visual shimmer that its grain offers.

※The grain in each model might look sligthly different due to the nature of the material.



Equipped with Grover®’s classic 102 Machinehead, which is known for its smooth and accurate tuning. It has a solid weight and contributes to a stable sustain length.


Easy-to-hold Body Shape

The relatively small body and 628mm medium scale neck make this model easy to hold and play. You can concentrate on your playing while holding it without it causing any strain on you and without really getting tired.


String Action

A low string action setting is ideal for better playability when playing fingerstyle. This adjustment is also necessary to produce beautiful harmonic tones at the higher frets, which is Maruyama Tatsuya’s forte.

※String action varies with conditions of storage and use.


The head is decorated with an inlay of a striped enaga, a species of eagle native to Hokkaido, the birthplace of Tatsuya Maruyama. White mother of pearl is used for the inlay material, which change their expression depending on the angle and reflection of light hitting it.

The rosette consists of a thick ring made of Pau Ferro wood and Avalon wood. The area around the sound hole is decorated in a gorgeous way.

Soundhole label designed by Tatsuya Maruyama himself. A serial number is added to each unit by our craftsmen.

Flame mahogany sides decorated by wood binding.


The HOC-NORTHBIRD is a model that Headway Guitars has created based on the idea of “I wish there was a guitar like this”. The warm and cohesive sound will match not only the fingerstyle but also various other playing styles.

We also paid close attention to the appearance of the shape, the wood, and even the smallest parts. The simple yet playful and beautiful design is something you will never get tired of even if you play it for a long time. The string action has been set a little lower than normal from factory, so you should be able to enjoy playing it from the moment you pick it up.

We hope you will enjoy your musical life with this guitar!

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