We bring you the signature model of Marco, the guitarist of -Yome to Ore- a band that enjoys outstanding popularity for their well-matched sessions and the hilarious banter between Marco and Yome, his wife. This model is based on the specifications of the Bacchus G-FORCE (a.k.a. “Gin-san”), which Marco has been using for many years and that has undergone heavy customization. Since it is a Bacchus Global Series model, we added modern elements such as a roasted maple neck, locking machine heads, a two-point support bridge, and a coil tap switch. Marco and Bacchus have teamed up to create this unit of a model!

In March 2019, the couple unit “Yome to Ore (temporary)” was launched. In September of the following year, the channel reached 100,000 subscribers and was officially named “Yome to Ore”. Their instrumental videos with two guitars are highly popular for his solid playing skills and friendly, open atmosphere. As of December 2021, the number of subscribers to the channel exceeded 200,000. They are a married couple of guitarists who will continue to be in the spotlight for the foreseeable future.


  • Yome to Ore【https://www.youtube.com/c/marcochannel0318】
  • Yome-chan’s Channel【https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwUmRU9X85B1ETQzDzsYWrw】

  • 【Twitter】

  • Marco【@Marco_at_sheep】
  • Yome-chan【@yometoore】


    MSRP・・・¥95,000(w/o Taxes)

    A sessions with Marco and his Model -GIN-FORCE-

    The Secret of Marco’s Signature Model – [Yome to Ore] (Turn on subtitles!)

    Sneaking into the workshop! Making of the GIN-FORCE! – [Yome to Ore] (Turn on subtitles!)

    First of all, I would like to thank all the people at Deviser who developed the GIN-FORCE and all the people who read this article.
    I never thought that my “Gin-san”, who has been my favorite guitarist for a long time, would bring me not only the joy of guitar playing but also this oportunity. When I first heard about the idea of a signature model, I was filled with surprise, saying “I never thought that my dream would come true”. At the same time, I felt a kind of responsibility that I could not do things haphazardly when it came to this project since I was going to release it as my own signature model.
    Our goal was to create a new “standard high cost-performance model” that anyone could enjoy. I asked for a lot of features to be included with the hope that it would make for a guitar that can be your trusty companion that can be there for your in any situation rather than a “professional guitar” that is hard to aproach.
    And now, I believe we have perfected such a guitar! It’s really fun to play this guitar for both pros and begginers alike. It’s fun even if you display it. Everyone’s friend, the GIN-FORCE! If you get the chance and see one of these at your local dealer, please give it a try!

    Yome to Ore’s Marco

    Yome to Ore’s logo


    The headstock features the Yome to Ore logo on the upper side. In a model with an overall simple look, a logo like this stands out even more, becoming a central component of this model’s aesthetic. Please read the explanation below for the origin of the logo.

    2-humbucker layout like Gin-san’s


    Like “Gin-san”, it is equipped with two humbuckers for pickups. They are characterized by a round and powerful sound leaning toward the bass, and a sound that has a strong presence while still being clean. The humbuckers are also resistant to noise, making them a perfect match for distortion and genres that utilize heavy distortion such as metal. This is an all-rounder guitar that can be used in any genre.

    Roasted Maple Neck


    The use of roasted maple for the neck gives it the feel of a high-end model. The high rigidity of the neck minimizes problms such as warping of the neck over time, and produces a crisp, vintage-like tone with good tone rise. (*The grain of maple may vary from unit to unit.)

    Locking Machine Heads


    The Locking Tuner (Locking machine head) is a mechanism in which the rod in the string post rises when the wheel on the back of the machine head is turned and locks when the string is clamped. By reducing the number of windings on the string post, tuning stability is dramatically improved. Since the locking machine heads are a mechanism that clamps the strings, there is no need to wind more strings, which also has the advantage of shortening the time required for string changes and reducing tension fluctuations.

    Wilkinson 2-Point Support Wilkinson® Bridge

    2-Point Support Wilkinson® Bridge


    A standard tremolo unit uses six screws to support the bridge, but this model uses the Wilkinson/WVS50IIK tremolo unit, which has two fulcrum studs on each side. The tremolo unit has a wide range of motion during arming play, with a down motion of approximately 1.25 notes and an up motion of approximately 1 note. In addition, even if the tension fluctuates during arming, only two points are loaded, which makes tuning more stable than with a tremolo unit supported by six points.

    Coil Tap


    A coil tap switch is a switch that cancels the signal from one coil of a humbucker pickup, which consists of two coils in a row, and allows only the signal from the other coil to be transmitted. This allows you to have the sound of only one coil, i.e., like a single coil. As mentioned above, humbuckers are characterized by a round and powerful sound that is closer to the bass, but by using the coil tap switch, it is possible to produce a crisp and delicate sound just like a single coil.

    Decoration done by Marco’s oldest son (4 years old at the time) on Marco’s longtime favorite guitar, “Gin-san,” which became the base for the signature model. The distinctive logo, designed to resemble a hand spinner, became the official logo of Yome to Ore.

    A strap with the Yome to Ore logo and a pick with the Yome to Ore logo, similar in shape and thickness to Marco’s own favorite, will be included as bonus goods.

    ■Strap Material:Nylon/ Length:910mm~1580mm / Width:50mm / Weight:135g
    ■Pick Material:Cellulose / Thickness:0.75mm(MEDIUM) / Shape:Fang