Universe Series’ First 24-fret! is the IMPERIAL24-BP-RSM/M!!!

Made by technical players, for technical players

The [IMPERIAL] strikes back!!


This model is known by its specs, which are specialized for technical playing.
The sound adjustments and looks of this model are also noteworthy.

Universe series’ first 24-fret model!!

The 24-fret layout expands the range of the sounds you can go for, which in turn expands the playability of the guitar. It’s perfect for melodies using higher positions, or for playing sweeping arrangements from low to high in all directions.

Roasted Maple Neck

Roasted Maple is a material that comes as a result of treating Maple wood with a high heat process, volatilizing the water and oils in the wood, giving as a result a more sturdy and durable wood that not only increases stability but also the overall sound quality of the material. The sound that we get from Roasted Maple is a rich, organic sound with a vintage-like tone that is reminiscent of an instrument that has aged its sound with time and usage. This is a new product lineup of Bacchus that puts this amazing feature, which is often used in high-end models, at a reasonable price range.

*Due to variations in the wood grain and roasting process each model can look slightly different from the reference pictures.

Thanks to the use of roasted flame maple for the neck, a high-end feel is achieved. Due to its high rigidity as a neck, it is very resistant to naturally occurring problems, and it produces a crisp vintage guitar-like tone with a good sound rise.

HSH Pickup Arrangement & Coil Tap

The front humbucker is positioned closer to the neck, the single pickup closer to the ST model, and the rear humbucker closer to the LP model in the HSH arrangement. The humbuckers are mounted directly to the body without the metal cover. The humbuckers are mounted directly to the body, and the roasted maple neck gives the guitar an aggressive tone with hard highs and tight lows.

It also features a dry and dynamic sound that rides well with effects pedals.It is recommended for a wide range of applications, from distortion-based lead melodies to crunchy backing.

Coil Tup OFF←→Coil Tup ON

By pulling the metal volume knob, the coil tap function is turned on.
By switching from humbucker to single, you switch between a crisp, sharp performance to a lighter sound.

This is a guitar that can be used in a wide variety of ways depending on the player’s imagination.
With its technical specifications and aggressive sound, it is sure to stand out on stage.

400R Fretboard

The fingerboard for this model is 400R.
This helps with smooth fingering, and the appeal of a flat fingerboard is that it is less likely to jam when choking.

Synchronized Tremolo Bridge

It also features a synchronized tremolo unit with 6-point support that is easy for beginners to use.
Arm-down, vibrato, and squelching techniques are all doable.

The body top is made of burl poplar, which gives the instrument a gorgeous appearance that rivals that of higher-end models!

Burl Poplar Top

The body top is made of burl poplar, which gives the instrument a gorgeous appearance that rivals that of higher-end models!

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