Getting the 2022 RSM series’ models ready for the world!

The goods are being deployed, I repeat, they are being deployed!!
We are talking of course about the new RSM Series models that we promised a couple of months ago!

Bacchus Universe Series

The Bacchus Universe Series is a high-cost-performance series aimed mainly at entry-level players. In 2020 we introduced the RSM Series, which uses roasted maple, a material that was previously reserved for high-end models, at an affordable price. Thanks to this great package, it has attracted attention not only from entry-level players, but also from intermediate and advanced players who are purchasing their second or third guitar.

For players who are picking up a guitar/bass for the first time, the RSM series presents a level of quality previously out of reach and an instrument that will accompany them for a long time to come. We want to help you start your journey to a wonderful musical life! Additionally, each and every one of our basses are inspected by Japanese craftsmen, and only those that pass our standards are shipped to music stores around the world, so you don’t have to worry about receiving a faulty unit!

The 2022 lineup also introduced the first RSM model with an offset shape. The WINDY features a TOM-type bridge, which is not used on the standard JM type, and which not only improves tuning stability, but also provides a quick response and straightforward sound. By going with a two P-90 type pickups configuration, the WINDY has both the thick and mellow tone of the neck PU and the crisp and sharp tone of the bridge PU.

A peek at the inspection process

This is the newly introduced “BST-1-RSM/M”, a traditional-oriented ST model with S-S-S pickup layout!

We adjust the string action to get prime playability.

Another traditional option is this TL model, the “BTE-1-RSM/M”! The color featured in the picture above is SFG (Surf Green), which is a first for our BTE’sl! It has nothing to do with the inspection, but the color is a great match if you are wearing some black clothes!

This is the “BST-3-RSM/M”, a model with a H-H pickup layout.

If you look closely, you’ll see a whole bunch of guitars behind us waiting to be inspected!

Each one is carefully worked on without exception, and finally shipped to music stores all over the world!

Even though we don’t have pictures of the remaining models while in inspection, but we still want to mention them! First, with the original TE shape model, the -BTE-3-RSM/M- with its H-H pickup layout is suitable for heavy and modern genres.

The -BJM-1-RSM/M- is equipped with P-90’s, which give it an appealing cutting sound and mellow tone. Equipped with a synchronized tremolo with six points of support instead of a floating tremolo, making it easy for beginners to handle.

The powerful and bright sound of its H-H layout makes the -BJM-3-RSM/M- ideal for alternative rock and many other genres.

The -BJB-2-RSM/M- is equipped with two Bacchus original dual coil humbuckers for a passive circuit with a powerful sound.

All of these an even more are getting inspected and shipped all over the world as we speak! Well, we are not speaking- but you mean what I mean. At any rate, please make sure to check out with your local dealer to get yours as soon as they arrive!!