【Bacchus Global】A new and unique offset model『WINDY BREAKER/RSM』!

A new addition to the Bacchus Global Series!


When you think of offset shapes, you may imagine models such as JM, JG, MS, right?
Well, please take a look at this!

A TL model?

Take a closer look-

It’s quite different when seeing the whole thing huh?

Introducing the『WINDY BREAKER/RSM』!

A new Windy offset body shape


WINDY” is an original model based on the traditional body shape that became popular with the rise of surf music, and has been updated by Bacchus to ride the waves of today’s diverse music scene.

While the general JM type is equipped with a floating tremolo, WINDY is equipped with a TOM (tune-o-matic) type bridge, which is the most significant feature and departure from the regular JM type.

That’s not the only difference for the WINDY BREAKER/RSM, however-

It also has a TL-type bridge!

Pretty interesting huh?

The『WINDY BREAKER/RSM』breaks the preconceptions of the WINDY models and combines the best of two worlds! Windy and TL!

A Windy with the same hardware as a TL model

One of this model’s main appeals is the cool look you obtain by combining its offset body shape with TL parts. While its bridge pickup is similar to that of a TL model, the offset body’s weight gives the bridge pickup a more fat, well-rounded sound profile.

Additionally, it includes a bunch of small details that make it even more of a unique and appealing model!

Generally, the controls on TL models are on a metal plate, but this model, like a regular WINDY model, uses a pickguard that extends under the bridge.

In addition, the selector switch is positioned on the horn on the first string side, making it easier to reach and change positions when playing.

Sound profile

Since it is equipped with the same hardware as a TL model, so the sound is similar to the TL as you would expect.

The neck is also made of roasted maple, a new Bacchus standard, and this feature, together with the single-coil pickup, gives us a crisp cutting tone as a result.

However, this model has an offset shape with a larger body than the TL shape.
Due to the higher mass of the body, the low mids resonate relatively well through the body.

The bridge PU tone is similar to that of the TL model, but the neck PU tone is lower, allowing for a sound makeup with a different character for each position compared to the TL model.

WINDY BREAKER’s unique sound

The look and sound of a good combination of WINDY and TL can only be experienced with “WINDY BREAKER/RSM”.

If you are currently looking for an offset shape model, or even if you are looking for a TL model, we would like to suggest you give the WINDY BREAKER/RSM a consideration as an option and try its sound and looks.

Check with you local dealer to get yours!