Two videos featuring popular YouTubers comparing shorter-scale models!!

Now available for the English-speaking world, the insight of two very popular Japanese YouTube channels, OKBass, and Yome to ore!

Comparing the shorter scales!

With the help of Yome to ore, we bring you a comparison of both the regular 25.5-inch scale guitar vs the shorter 25-inch scale guitar!
They will give us not only their insight about the scales but also some sweet phrases made specifically to match the positive qualities of each scale!

Make sure to turn subtitles on!

Bacchus Global Series 25-inch vs 25.5-inch guitars comparison

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Bacchus Global Series 33-inch vs 34-inch basses comparison

For the basses, we recruited YouTuber and bassist pro -OKBass- to help compare both the regular 34-inch scale bass vs the shorter 33-inch scale one!

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