[Deviser Special Showcase] The JAZZ resurges in the JT-Series!

The Japanese Golden Week came and went, we got some rest but now we are ready to go all at full strength!

But more importantly!

The 2023 Deviser Special Showcase Event is almost here!!

Coming this 23rd of May!

It’s almost here, and it’s bringing something jazzy with it!

JAZZ reborn!

What genre of music would you like to play on a semi-acoustic?
Pops? Rock? Blues?

For sure with a semi you’d wanna go for some Jazz wouldn’t ya?

That’s probably accurate for most people.
However, the price of buying a brand-new semi-acoustinc can be quite expensive, and there are a great many people who cannot afford it and feel that the threshold for getting into jazz is too high.

As an option for such people, we would like to propose a model that will be miraculously brought back for this year’s Deviser Special Showcase Event!


The model that has been a big hit among the Aska-made lineup is back and now as a part of the Japan Tune-up Series!


Spruce top

The EXRUBATO has been produced in several variations, but the “EXRUBATO-STD-JT”, “EXRUBATO-STD/S-JT”, and “EXRUBATO-CTM-JT” all used maple for the top wood.

In general, maple wood is often used for the top material of semi-acoustic guitars, which, combined with the hard wood quality, produces a hard sound with a characteristic treble range. This gives the semi-hollowbody an light feel with a clean tone to it, and it’s a good fit for a wide variety of playstyles.

However, the most attractive feature of “EXRUBATO-JAZZ-JT” is the use of spruce for the top material.

Spruce, as is often used for acoustic guitars and other instruments, is characterized by its softer wood quality that allows the vibration of the strings to be more easily transmitted to the body. By using this wood for the EXRUBATO, we have pursued a softer sound than previous models.

As the model name suggests, the sound is acoustic and compliant for use in jazz, but of course it can also be used in rock, blues, R&B, soul, and other genres!

Acoustic guitar inspired design

For the body binding, the “herringbone” type, which is not often used on semi-acoustic instruments, was selected!
Combined with the atmosphere of the spruce body, the look and feel of this guitar is quite close to that of an acoustic guitar.

The position markings also have a smaller size dot than most, and the hardware is gold, giving the guitar a semi-acoustic type guitar with a luxurious and unparalleled feel.

Two colors will be available

EXRUBATO-JAZZ-JT will be available in two colors: The acoustic ANA (AmberNatural) and the elegant and chic W-BD (Winter Blonde).

You can choose the color that better fits your personal style!

Demo video in the making

A video demonstration for these upcoming model is being prepared!
The demonstrator is Kazuki Isogai, a guitarist active in a variety of music scenes with a musical background in hip-hop and neo-soul.
We can truly showcase the value of the “EXRUBATO-JAZZ-JT” when we have a guitarist who is active in a wide range of scenes taking it for a spin!

The Deviser Special Showcase event is coming this 23rd of May!

Don’t miss it!