[Deviser Special Showcase] DEVISER ROSETTA VESSEL With Exotic Wood From The Deviser’s Reservoir

The ROSETTA VESSEL is a fabled guitar that was produced only for two years from 2005 to 2007.

Then, it was miraculously brought back for the [2021 Deviser Special Showcase] with a design of that was carefully and finely brushed up while retaining the appearance of the original.

The following year, a model using traditional Japanese paper as a decoration for the top material was produced for the [2022 Deviser Special Showcase] and variations of this limited edition model have gradually continued to be added.

This year, for this [2023 Deviser Special Showcase] we need to bring something that blows the previous year’s models out of the water!

In a departure from last year’s cute ROSETTA VESSEL with its eye-catching Japanese patterns, this year we are producing four models of ROSETTA VESSEL that use a lot of exotic wood and show off the expression of the wood grain!

And that lineup is…

『Jindai Tamo』『Exotic Sakura』『Ziricote』『Yakusugi』

A true lineup of exquisite Japanese wood materials!

Jindai Tamo (Millenial Japanese Ash)

Tamo is Japanese Ash, but the “Jindai” part of its name is Japanese for “Age of the gods” or “Ancient times”. It is given this name because these trees have passed hundreds and even thousands of years without rotting after being buried underground due to a natural phenomenon a long time ago.

These trees are sometimes miraculously unearthed due to a variety of factors, and their bark, which has slowly faded over the years to a gray or grayish-brown color, creates a solemn feeling to their appareance.

Among such precious Jindai wood, the Jindai Tamo, with its grayish-brown skin and black patterns, is what we decided to use.
The tight rings of the annual rings spread out in a wavy pattern, and the resultant is a relaxed pattern that seems to represent the flow of time in a beautiful piece of wood.

Exotic Sakura (Japanese Cherry)

Wood with very strong and unique patterns is called “exotic” wood.
The Sakura, or Japanese Cherry wood used in this project also has a strong impact because of its unusual and flamboyant pattern.

Sakura guitars are given a special design to match their concept, and the F-hole, a characteristic of the ROSETTA model, is also given a twist for these models.
The shape of the F-hole is shaped like a flower petal, adding a playful touch to the appearance.

The body, with its lightning-like lines and intricate patterns spreading out in a bright pink gradient coloring, also evokes the wildness of a spring storm.


Ziricote is characterized by its dark brown wood with black patterns and is a popular wood because of its unique and beautiful appearance, but nowadays it is very difficult to obtain and is an extremely valuable material.

The black stripes of the annual rings that run through the deep brown color give the wood a luxurious look.
The whiteness of the wood surface still remains in the production stage, but the finished product will have a darker, more clearly defined grain.

The Ziricote is also heavy, which gives it a crisp, fat sound.
While the weight of the body can lead to stress when playing, the semi-hollow construction, which is a feature of ROSETTA VESSEL, makes the guitar lightweight, allowing it to be played comfortably even over long periods of time.

Yakusugi (Japanese Cedar)

Yakusugi cedars grow slowly on Yakushima Island, Japan’s first World Heritage Site, and only those trees over 1,000 years old at an altitude of 500 meters or more can bear the name.
It is very valuable because it cannot be artificially harvested and only naturally felled trees can be used.

The pattern that sometimes appears on older cedar trees is called “Sasa-moku,” which looks like bamboo leaves folded on top of each other.
The “Sasa-moku” is a characteristic of Yakusugi cedar that is over 1,000 years old, and you can feel the full character of Yakusugi cedar.

There’s much more coming to this year’s Special Showcase event, so keep an eye out for more updates!

The event is coming this 23rd of May!

Don’t miss it!