[Deviser Special Showcase] The STORK is coming back with Japanese materials!

May 23rd is almost here, and the Deviser Special Showcase event is almost here!!

There’s only a week left!
Can you hold your excitement!?

The Seventyseven brand has already announced that the “EXRUBATO-JAZZ” will be back in Japan Tune-up Series!

But that’s not all!

That’s not all we are bringing to the table for this year’s event!

A Japan-made Seventyseven Aska Made Series is also coming…

A number of limited edition models incorporating the appeal of a hollow body & Japanese wood materials will be entering the fray!


Last year, for November’s winter “One day guitar show” event, we reintroduced an old friend. The Japan made EXRUBATO!

The top, back, and sides of the body are made of the finest flame tochi, making it a “Japanese semi-acoustic wood” specification model!

The EXRUBATO is classified as a “semi-acoustic guitar”, but its center block construction differs from that of a typical semi-acoustic model.

The space between the bass and treble string sides, which are separated by the center block, is connected near the neck pickup, and the space near the rear is also significantly thinned out to achieve a more acoustic-like sound.
The body has also been made lighter, making the EXRUBATO easier to handle.

Additionally, Tochi has a moderate weight and relatively soft material, and when used for the top material, the sound is characterized by a somewhat bright low-mid to middle tone that cuts through the mix.

It also handles distortion really well, producing a pleasant sound that resonates from a slightly lower position with high gain. This allows you to fully enjoy the distinctive tone of tochi even when playing heavy music.


One of Seventyseven’s signature models, the “ALBATROSS” is back again!
The limited edition ALBATROSS models of the past few years have mostly been made of Sakura (wild cherry blossom) for the body material, but this time, we have chosen Shidarezakura, or weeping cherry wood, from Fuji City in Shizuoka Prefecture, the home of the symbol of Japan, Mt Fuji!
As with the Headway ATB Series Shidarezakura model, the head and fretboard are designed with the appearance of drooping cherry branches, and the body color is purple with a vivid gradation of colors reminiscent of nighttime cherry blossoms.

Although cherry has a relatively hard characteristic, it has a sweet, defined tone.
The center block construction of the ALBATROSS is also special, and by shaving off a moderate amount of area while retaining durability, the hollow body’s light tone and solid response are achieved at the same time.
In a sense, the sound is “as good as it looks and as expected”, so if you are considering a small, lightweight hollow guitar, this is a model you should definitely pick up.



Last but not least、
this 2023 Deviser Special Showcase event is bringing
『That』model back, after 5 years.





The very popular STORK model, which has enjoyed unrelenting support in the Japan-made Seventyseven series, finally returns in a limited edition Japanese wood version! This is a small, single-cut hollowbody model that is ALBATROSS model’s twin!

The body shape is similar to that of the LP, but its featherweight is the most distinctive feature.

The body is hollowed out near the upper cutaway and around the studs where the bridge is mounted, pursuing a thoroughly original semi-hollow construction, and weighing approximately 3 kg! (*This varies from unit to unit.)


Flame Tochi (Japanese horse chestnut) was used for the body top, which transmits the vibration of strings very well, just like EXRUBATO.
An attractive point of this model is not only the beauty of the grain of flame tochi, but also the fat and warm sound that is required for jazz and fusion.


Because Tochi has a white grain to it, so coloring comes through very clearly, making it a perfect match for flame woodblocks and cold colors!
The blue gradation makes the design eye-catching, regardless of what genre you want to us it for.
The position marks are designed to give a clean look.
By shaving the fingerboard wood and embedding the parts into it, the finish gives the impression of delicacy despite the intense wood grain.

The sound of the resurrected STORK is…

Guitarist Kyohei Aruga has tried it out!

Mr. Ariga himself loves Seventyseven guitars, but what kind of performance will he show us with STORK, which he is playing for the first time…?

But to hear how the STORK sounds… You’ll have to keep an eye out for the Deviser Special Showcase event!

See you there!