【New “BARON” Models】Archtop models rich in personality come to the Global Series

The new BARON models from the Bacchus Global series deliver a new playing experience. This new lineup combines a traditional design with a streamlined archtop body. We will introduce you to all three models at once, all based on different concepts and rich in individuality!

The BARON model’s appeal points

Iconic archtop body

The most distinctive feature is the arched body top. Compared to flat-top electric guitars, the wood grain and color of the top wood are quite literally brought to the front of the looks of these models.

Medium scale

They feature a “medium” scale of 628mm (24.75 inches), with slightly narrower fret spacing than the common single-cut models. The bolt-on type neck construction also makes it easy to bend even at high frets.

TOM bridge & toggle switch

Equipped with a TOM-type bridge that transmits string vibration more efficiently to the body. The pickup selector is equipped with a toggle switch that allows you to instantly switch to your favorite sound setting.

Three models with different concepts


The BARON-FM features a beautiful flame maple body top that catches the eye on stage. In addition to the standard HB (Honey Burst) color, the popular see-through colors found in other models such as the Global Series TACTICS24 is also available as an option.

The neck has side binding and dish design inlays for a classical feel.


The next model is the BARON-CTM, which features gorgeous looks with gold parts and multi-binding on the body. The basic specifications are the same as those of the flame maple top model, and the lineup includes two colors of the popular custom style, black and white.

Gold hardware from the pickup covers to the mounting screws shines on the archtop body. The nato body with moderate weight provides a good sense of balance when playing standing up.


The last one to be introduced is the BARON-JAZZ, which has a semi-hollow construction with an F-hole, bringing an acoustic feel to the forefront. Spruce, the top material, is used for acoustic guitars as well as for violin bodies. It is characterized by its soft woody texture and contributes to a rich, clear sound.

One of its features is the herringbone-style binding on the outer circumference of the body, similar to the “EXRUBATO-JAZZ-JT” released last year from the Seventy Seven brand. Compared to the two models already introduced, the EXRUBATO-JAZZ-JT will be available in two colors with a more subdued Jazz-inspired atmosphere.

Today Models

▲ HB(Honey Burst)

Bacchus Global Series

MSRP…110,000円(w/o taxes)


Bacchus Global Series
MSRP…110,000円(w/o taxes)

▲ NA

Bacchus Global Series

COLOR: NA, ABB(Amber Burst)
MSRP…110,000円(w/o taxes)

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