Sakura by a Headway Master Builder – Furihata’s New Model [Deviser Special Showcase Event 2024]

Less than three weeks remain until the “Deviser Special Showcase Event” is to be held! We have introduced electric guitars in our previous model preview articles, but today we will finally introduce a concept model by master builder Arata Furihata from the Headway brand, which has been producing numerous acoustic guitars since the early days of Sakura guitars.

About “Concept Models”

Throughout the Headway brand’s history, one master builder has been a driving force for the longest time, that being Yasuo Momose. The brand inherited from Momose’s idiocincracy that was always expressed by him as “to make guitars that can be used confidently for a long time”, as well as his many skills and experience. Unlike the regular lineup, which features relatively versatile specifications for a wide range of players, the Concept Models are models that reflects the individuality and philosophy of each master builder more strongly and sublimates them into a unique style.

Master builder Arata Furihata’s expression of the ideal Sakura guitar

The Sakura Guitar Series, which began with the production of ukulele prototypes and has since expanded to include acoustic and electric guitars, will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year.

A special website for the 10th anniversary of Sakura is now available!

To commemorate this milestone, Furihata has created a guitar that uses Yamazakura (Mountai Cherry tree) wood while incorporating new ideas, albeit subtly. This article will take a closer look at the first master builder Furihata Arata x Sakura model in the history of Sakura guitars.

3-Piece cross round with Yamazakura and Purpleheart wood

The key component of this concept model is the use of Yamazakura wood for the backs and side. The back is a 3-piece cross round helix of Yamazakura and Purple Heart, and the Yamazakura was selected for its beautiful and rare flame grain. The centerpiece with beautiful cherry blossom inlays is made of purple heart, which tightens up the sound and accentuates the sound when the strings are plucked. The body thickness is 3mm thicker than the regular lineup size, giving the sound more depth.

Lutz spruce that adorns the body top

Lutz spruce is used for the body top in this model, adding brigthness to the tone. The pickguard, which resembles a cherry blossom petal, is designed to be smaller than the usual Sakura models in order to embrace the characteristics of the wood to the fullest extent.

Neck thickness and neck width that allows you to go back and forth between playing styles

The neck is set at an precise thickness that is thinner than the traditional neck and thicker than the extra slim neck of the ATB series, designed to be thick enough to allow for more sound from the neck itself while maintaining great playability. The nut width is 44mm, which is slightly wider than the 43mm used in most Headway product acoustic guitars, to better accommodate fingerstyle playing.

Low-profile elbow cut that preserves high-playability

The use of elbow cuts in Furihata’s concept models is not new to this model in particular. The reason why Furihata continues to use this specification comes from his own experience that the edge of the body hit his body, making it difficult to hold the guitar. However, caution is needed because if the elbow cut is cut too much, it will affect the original sound of the guitar.
This design reduces the burden on the player by applying a smooth sanding process, and at the same time, it allows the actual tone of the instrument to be preserved as it is without changing its appearance.

“Java Sparrow” inlays

Originally introduced from overseas, the Java Sparrows later became a part of Japanese life and culture and was widely bred. The inlay design symbolizes the history of the guitar, a musical instrument that was also introduced from overseas and eventually took root in Japan. It is Furihata’s wish that this guitar will be a guitar that the users will use everyday and that will love the way people love Java Sparrows.

More details about this model will be available on the feature website to be released on May 22! Information on the new products and limited edition models coming to the 2024 Deviser Special Showcase Event will be slowly added and available in preparation for the event at the link below!