Sakura by a Headway Master Builder – Masato Yasui’s model [Deviser Special Showcase Event 2024]

The Deviser Special Showcase Event is now less than a week away! Today, we will be featuring a model by master builder Masato Yasui from the Headway brand concept models.

About “Concept Models”

Throughout the Headway brand’s history, one master builder has been a driving force for the longest time, that being Yasuo Momose. The brand inherited from Momose’s idiosyncrasy was always expressed by him as “to make guitars that can be used confidently for a long time”, as well as his many skills and experience. Unlike the regular lineup, which features relatively versatile specifications for a wide range of players, the Concept Models are models that reflect the individuality and philosophy of each master builder more strongly and sublimate them into a unique style.

Sakura wood X Master builder Masato Yasui

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Sakura Guitar Series. The know-how of cherry blossom guitar production has been slowly perfected, but at the beginning of the series, it was a continuous process of trial and error.

A special website for the 10th anniversary of Sakura is now available!

Nevertheless, Masato Yasui is one of the craftsmen who has continued to work with Sakura wood and shape it into acoustic guitars. This is the first concept model in Yasui’s ATB series to be made of Sakura wood and we will take a closer look at some of the specifications of this model.

Sakura and Madagascar rosewood 3-piece back

Sakura wood, the theme of this concept model, is used as the material of choice for the sides and back. For the back, however, Madagascar Rose is incorporated in the centerpiece to give a sharper attack sound and a bright high range. Yasui chose Madagascar Rosewood to be used because he knows that there is no substitute for its sound, and it has even been used as a building material for temples in Japan. You could say it is a well-seasoned material.

German spruce top

German spruce, a traditional acoustic material that has been used for all kinds of instruments from ancient instruments to classical guitars, is used for the top material, and aims for a clean resonance of high notes and a pure sound.

Yasui’s original “Y500” headstock with cherry blossoms

The headstock is the “Y500 headstock”, Yasui’s original headstock that has been used in previous Yasui concept models. This model uses Sakura wood, so the headstock is designed with a cherry blossom sprouting from a branch, giving it a gorgeous look in addition to the overall modern and stylish appearance.

Pinless bridge and neck angle that allows for just the right tension

The pinless bridge, which is becoming a staple of Yasui’s concept models, is also installed in this model. By making it pinless, the tension is made slightly looser, allowing for smoother fingering. In addition, by designing the neck to have a shallower neck angle than the regular lineup, the 25.5″ scale has the advantage of being able to produce a wider range of sound, while at the same time providing a tension feel that makes it easy to press and hold the strings.

Yasui’s concept model is one especially designed for fingerpicking style players, and its playability was even highly praised by official Deviser artist Tatsuya Maruyama.
We plan to release a demo video in the upcoming days, so please look forward to the release of new information!

More details about this model will be available on the feature website to be released on May 22! Information on the new products and limited edition models coming to the 2024 Deviser Special Showcase Event will be slowly added and available in preparation for the event at the link below!