New 5-string version and new colors added to a popular bass model!【Bacchus Global Series】

New models and colors are joining the standard Global Series! The bass that showed its popularity by winning awards in Japan during 2023 continues to evolve in 2024!

A 5-string version for this AGED model is here!

The new 5-string bass model joins the lineup of aged body basses introduced last year, featuring the traditional WOODLINE shape inherited from the Handmade series, as well as the 4-string model, and a turbo switch control. The combination of a modern 5-string style for technical playing and an aged finish that evokes a vintage feel is a must-have!

Today’s models

Bacchus Global Series


Two blonde colors are now available, taking advantage of the ash body.

Two new colors are also available for the WL4-ASH/RSM, which features an ash body and a roasted maple neck. Two see-through blonde colors that retain the ash wood grain will be added.

①SBBD(Sonic Blue Blonde)

The popular color SBBD, which is also available in Aska workshop models, is now also available in the Global series. The pastel sonic blue base color is refreshing and it you can see the ash wood grain floating faintly in the background.

②BBD(Butterscotch Blonde)

A see-through BBD color, which was hard to get just right is also joining the color roster. Combined with the color of the roasted maple neck, it has a calm and mature atmosphere.

For more information on specifications and other details, please visit the linked product page for more details. The WL4-ASH/RSM model has been powered up to a total of 6 colors! Find your own favorite color!