Headway 10th Anniversary Sakura Models in Full Bloom! [Deviser Special Showcase Event 2024]

We will show you some of the information on the Headway Sakura models that will be introduced at the 2024 Deviser Special Showcase event, which is just two days away from its opening!

The very best limited models are in full bloom for the 10th anniversary of the Sakura Model in 2024!

The finest, “deluxe” Sakura model is now available!

As we approached the 10th year of Sakura models, the amount of gorgeous models produced kept growing. Among them, the creme of the crop is the models with the name “Deluxe (DX)”. At the 2024 Deviser Special Showcase event, the finest Deluxe models will be presented, reflecting Headway’s expertise after 10 years of making Sakura models!

The inlay work on the fingerboard uses multiple materials to express gorgeous and dainty cherry blossoms.

The beautiful decorations, holographic pattern, and the superb grain of the Tabuzakura wood for the sides and back are just a few of the many highlights of this model.

Summer is just around the corner and -SAKURA SUMMER- models are also coming!

If you think of Headway and Summer, the models that first come to mind are the -SAKURA SUMMER- models.
The 2024 model incorporates the theme of the Cherry Blossom 10th anniversary with a crane motif and a design of cranes taking flight across the world.

The blue and turquoise materials are used all over this model for an impactful and expressive design, and the body back is decorated with stylized drawings of cranes, cherry blossoms made of turquoise material, and the word “Aska” are stamped one by one by hand with a seal, using a variety of techniques. The body binding is also made of turquoise material to create a sense of harmony with the rest of the design.

A -Kyozakura- model is here made using Sakura wood from Kyoto prefecture!

One of the main attractions of this year’s Deviser Special Showcase event is the “Kyo-Zakura” model made of sakura wood produced in Kyoto Prefecture.
The wood has a straight grain pattern, giving it a delicate and elegant appearance reminiscent of Kyoto.

As you would expect, the design also incorporates a Kyoto theme, with the flow of the Kamo River, the bridges over it, and the Shidarezakura, or “weeping cherry” trees, which is Kyoto’s typical Sakura tree.
On top of that, we have collaborated with “Tatenoya”, a traditional weaver in Kyoto, to produce sound hole labels and sound hole covers using Kyoto traditional weaving.

The collaboration was born out of sympathy for the unconventional and free conception of “Kyoori” utilizing Japanese “Nishijin-ori” textile techniques, originality born from the playful mind of a weaver, and “weaving anything that can be woven”.

More details about this model will be available on the feature website to be released on May 22! Information on the new products and limited edition models coming to the 2024 Deviser Special Showcase Event will be slowly added and available in preparation for the event at the link below!