Equipped with P-90-Type pickups the new -EXRUBATO-STD/S-JT- is here!!

Our latest model, the -EXRUBATO-STD/S-JT- will be joining the Japan Tune-Up Series, a lineup of products that has been gaining popularity thanks to the amazing cost-performance it brings to the table!

The EXRUBATO-STD/S-JT is a semi-acoustic model equipped with two dog-ear P-90 type pickups.

SeventySeven Guitars Japan Tune-up series

The SeventySeven Guitars brand was founded in 2006, and in 2020, SeventySeven Guitars added a new family of products called the Japan Tune-up series.
In 2020, SeventySeven Guitars added a new series called the Japan Tune-up series. The new Japan Tune-up series guitars will be tuned thoroughly at our workshop in Japan, utilizing the know-how we have accumulated over 40 years of experience since the Headway factory was established in 1977. In particular, the neck and frets, which are directly related to the playability of the guitar, are adjusted and set up to fit the player’s hand from the factory.

P-90-Type pickups

The -EXRUBATO-STD/S-JT- is equipped with two AL5S pickups, which are P-90 type pickups. Even though it is a single-coil pickup, it produces a thick and warm sound.
The pickup covers are dog-eared for a vintage look.

Aged red color

The body color is Aged Red, which shows through the grain of the plain maple wood. The red color looks like it has settled down with age, giving it a vintage-like atmosphere from the get-go.

Demo video by Kazuki Isogai

We have guitarist Kazuki Isogai testing it out for us! Please check it out!

Don’t hesitate to contact your local dealer if you are interested in getting one!

Today’s model

SeventySeven Guitars Japan Tune-up series【EXRUBATO-STD/S-JT】