Bacchus GIGBAG DN-35 BG

MSRP¥17,000 w/o tax


BLK Jan /


A gig bag for guitars featuring the Bacchus logo.

“Will a soft gig bag really protect my instrument…?”
“Hard cases are a pain to carry around and to store…”

For those of you with these kinds of concerns, this is the perfect gig bag for you!

The inside of the case is filled with 30mm thick cushioning material to gently protect your precious guitar without damaging it.
If you often travel by train or bus, we recommend this one!

It has many pockets for easy storage! You can easily carry cleaning cloths, cables, etc.
Thick A4 size magazines and music sheets can easily fit in the pockets.

You can carry it two different ways, handbag type, and backpack type. The length of the backpack type can be adjusted with an adjuster. 

The shoulder strap as well as the case are cushioned to reduce stress on the shoulder. A ring is provided for attaching a key ring or accessories.