MSRP¥90,000 w/o tax


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Roasted Ash


Roasted Maple


Roasted Maple


Graphtech TUSQ XL




Locking Tuner


Nickel Silver


Original S-S-H set


1Vol,2Tone(Pull up= Coil Tap switch),5way PU selector



Width at Nut





Gig Bag, Allen Wrench, COA



※The actual design, appearance, and specifications may differ due to it being a prototype.

Roasted Maple is a material that comes as a result of treating Maple wood with a high-heat process, volatilizing the water and oils in the wood, and giving as a result a more sturdy and durable wood that not only increases stability but also the overall sound quality of the material. The sound that we get from Roasted Maple is a rich, organic sound with a vintage-like tone that is reminiscent of an instrument that has aged its sound with time and usage. This is a new product lineup of Bacchus that brings this amazing feature, which is often used in high-end models, down to a reasonable price range.

*There’s a degree of color variation due to the roasting process and the difference in the grain of each maple piece being treated.


Roasted ash body

The most distinctive feature of this model is the “double-roasted” design, in which not only the neck but also the body is made of roasted wood. The body is made of roasted ash, which gives the guitar a vintage-like sound with a good high-mid rise and quick response. The combination with the roasted maple gives a tighter attack.

Roasted maple neck

The roasted maple neck is one of Bacchus’ latest innovations, not because it hasn’t been seen before, but because it is rarely ever seen at such an affordable price. The roasted maple neck has many benefits such as offering a vintage look and sound and offering improved resistance to warping and twisting of the neck, giving better durability overall.

25-inch scale that produces an ideal amount of tension

For this model, we went with a 25-inch scale which is between a long scale (25.5 inches) and a medium scale (24.75 inches). The slightly looser tension than one might expect from the body shape and bolt-on construction creates a unique “loose” feel. This guitar is also recommended for players who feel that long-scale guitars have too much tension which makes choking difficult.

SSH pickup layout + coil tap switch

The SSH pickup layout allows you to create a wide range of sounds that range from clean tones with a well-articulated sound to powerful overdrive sounds, so it is a great option regardless of the genre you want to tackle.

Furthermore, it counts with a coil tap switch, and the rear hum outputs a shimmering sound like a single pickup.

Graphtec TUSQ nut

For the nut, we went with Graphtec’s TUSQ nut, which is highly regarded in terms of both function and sound. It also plays a role in tuning stability.

2-Point Support Wilkinson® Tremolo Unit

It has a two-point supported Wilkinson® WV2-tremolo, which secures a range of motion going both up and down, and achieves tuning stability while giving you access to subtle nuances in your performance.

Locking Tuner

The Locking Tuner (Locking machineheads) is a mechanism in which the rod in the string post rises when the wheel on the back of the peg is turned and locks when the string is clamped.
By reducing the number of windings on the string post, tuning stability is dramatically improved.

Since this mechanism clamps the strings, there is no more need to wind strings, which has the advantage of reducing the time required for string changes and reducing tension blurring.

*The design, appearance, and specifications of this product can be subject to changes.