MSRP¥125,000 w/o tax

製品番号:416, 417


BLK Jan /

WH Jan /


Body Top









Graphtech® TUSQ XL


T.O.M type


Rotomatic Type


Nickel Silver


Original H-H set


2 Vol, 2 Tone, 3 way PU selector



Width at Nut


Fingerboard Radius





D’addario® 010 – 046


COA, Allen Wrench, COA

※Price update effective June 1st 2024


The beginning of a new DUKE

To make the most of the natural beauty and natural tone of selected woods. And to create guitars that allow players to express themselves as they wish, with the solid woodworking skills that Yasuo Momose, our craftsman since 1977, has built up over the years.

The Handmade Series, the flagship line of the Bacchus brand, was launched more than 20 years ago in the year 2000 with the above concept in mind. The first set-neck model of the Handmade Series was the DUKE series, including the DUKE-STANDARD, which has been a long-time best seller to this day. The new DUKE model will be released in 2023 to respond to the evergrowing demand for DUKE. Please take a look at the new DUKE model and see for yourself.

Arch shape inherited from the Handmade Series

This model follows the arch shape of the original Japan-made Handmade Series DUKE model produced at the Aska factory. The curves of the arches add definition to the top of the body, which is the face of the guitar, and the reflections of the polished paint give it a beautiful, tight look.

Neck setup angle for optimum playability

The set neck model’s playability and sound are affected by the angle of the neck. While reproducing the arch shape and neck angle of the Handmade Series DUKE model made in Japan, we fine-tuned it to match the material and design of the instrument.
This has resulted in the best balance between the nice attack produced by the moderate tension and the rich body tone.

Deep joints with superb vibration conduction

A deep-joint system is used, which has a large bonding area with the body and transmits vibration firmly. The wide ground contact width also has the advantage of making it easier to achieve accuracy in preparation angles and woodworking.

Carefully designed body thickness

The thickness of the body has been adjusted and brought down to a range that doesn’t compromise the balance of the DUKE’s unique appearance while retaining all of the goodness in the sound profile.
With this reduction in the body’s width, we succeeded in reducing the overall weight of the body, making it easier for even relatively small players to carry and maneuver.

Original Pickups

Equipped with an original humbucker using a ferrite magnet with stable quality. It has a fatness and sweetness suitable for single-note riffs and solos, but also has a brightness that is easy to use for clean tones, making it useful in a variety of genres.

Slim Neck

This model features our Slim U-shaped neck grip. Even players with relatively small hands can easily press down on the strings and concentrate on playing while your left hand can always easily change positions.

Setup by our own specialized inspection team in Japan

All instruments are inspected and set up by a specialized inspection team at the Deviser headquarters in Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture, before being shipped. By identifying individual differences in the material wood, we adjust and finish each instrument evenly to provide players with a solid playing experience that feels great and is ready to go right out of the box.