MSRP¥80,000 w/o tax


SOB Jan /











JB Type


Open Gear Type


Original JB set


2Vol,1Tone(Pull up Turbo SW)


33 inch


Gig Bag, Allen Wrench, COA



Chiipan is a bassist who mainly posts her permormances in video sharing platforms. As of January 2022, she has over 130,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel and boasts a large presence in the video community. She also plays in bands for Vocaloid songs and anime song related projects.She performed at the Nico Nico Ultra Kaigi in 2018. Regular appearance in the corner “Memorin LIVE” in the TBS affiliate music program “Music BB” in 2019.
Also in 2019 her Signature model Bacchus Global Series WL-CHIIPAN was released and launch events were held at various music stores around Japan.

◎Official web site【http://chiipan.love/
◎Youtube channel【https://www.youtube.com/user/chiyxxpanda

Detailed introduction

33 inches scale

We took out an inch away making it a bit shorter than your regular 34 Inch bass, reducing the separation between the frets, making it easier to slide your fingers, also, the tension on the strings is reduced which makes it easier to press on them. It’s fair to say this is one of the best options for players with small hands or newcomers that have a hard time getting used to regular models. This model also has an upper hand on medium scale models (32 Inch) and short-scale models (30 Inch) if you compare the kind of tones you can get out of them, with the WL-CHIIPAN you don’t have to restrain yourself to certain genres and you can go all out.

Turbo switch

Similarly to our WOODLINE models, the tone knob acts also as a turbo switch. If you pull up on the tone knob, both single pickups connect to change the output and give a more rounded tone. Even though it’s a battery-less passive circuit, thanks to this switch the range of tones available to you widens, even giving you access to more aggressive, strong sounds.

Satin finish neck

We gave the neck a matte, smooth satin finish. A thin layer that allows you to feel the wood while giving that nice smoothness to the tact, making it a really comfortable surface to perform on.

Chiipan’s panda logo

The cute logo of Chiipan’s panda -Chiipanda- is stamped on the bass’ headstock!

*The design, appearance, and specifications of the product are subject to change without notice.

The message from CHIIPAN!