MSRP¥300,000 w/o tax





Ash 2p




Purpleheart w/ original inlay




Hipshot/Headless system 18mm spacing






Aguilar/OBP-2 (18V)


Vol(Push/Pull=Preamp ON/OFF),
Bal,Treble,Bass,Tone,Series/Parallel SW


34 inch

Width at Nut


Fingerboard Radius



BXPP/OIL (Bordeaux Purple Oil)


Jim Dunlop/Strap Lock




Hard Case, AOC, Allen Wrench


Fami is a super bassist who has quickly grown her subscriber base since she started posting YouTube videos in 2018 and now has over 500,000 subscribers. Her first original album “Graduation Album” was released in May 2021 to commemorate her graduation from high school, and in May of the same year, she successfully held her first solo live performance, attracting attention from all over the world. Her signature headless bass is now available from Bacchus Handmade Series! The color of the oil finish was newly selected based on Fami’s request, the pickguard was custom-made, and the inlays were created based on Fami’s image as a bassist. The color of the oil finish was also selected at Fami’s request, and the pickguard was custom-made. This special site will introduce all the details about this unique model!


Special Features

Ash body & Special “Bordeaux Purple Oil” Color

We developed a new color, “Bordeaux Purple Oil,” inspired by the color of Fami’s favorite fountain pen. Bacchus’ signature oil finish enhances the smoothness of the wood surface and brings out the richness of each piece of ash.

Original inlay & Purpleheart fretboard

The fingerboard is made of Purple Heart, which is characterized by its natural purple color, and hardwood. It has a clear attack and extended sustain. From the 11th fret to the 13th fret, you can see Fami’s initial F. F does not only stand for Fami’s Initial, but also for “Forte” the musical symbol fitting for her aggressive playing style.


On the back of the body, we included a silver silkscreened logo fitting for a signature model.

New material pickguard

To match the body color of Bordeaux Purple Oil, we developed a new material with a purple-based marble pattern. A resin Bacchus logo is also included.

“Bacchus DBP58” Pickup

The Bacchus DBP58 is an original Bacchus dual-coil humbucker. A mini-switch allows you to switch between series mode for a thicker, more powerful tone and parallel mode for a deeper sound.


Two-band EQ with Aguilar OBP-2 preamp with natural sound quality, active/passive switch, and pickup mode switch allow for a wide range of sound creation.

Hip Shot Headless System

The Hip Shot Headless System is made in the USA, and is designed to accommodate bass strings with a single ball end, making it easy to use for users who are not used to headless basses. The distance between the headpiece and the nut has been fine-tuned to include the right amount of overtones.

Jim Dunlop Strap Lock

The strap lock securely holds the strap in place no matter how hard you go at it.

Woodline’s Special Headless Specs

Well thought-out body balance and ease of handling

The slim, contoured body, inherited from WOODLINE, is both comfortable to hold and well-balanced. It can be comfortably played while wearing a strap or while sitting down. The new model is designed to allow the player to concentrate on their playing instead of having to struggle with the instrument while performing. The overall length is close to that of a standard electric guitar, making it easy to carry in a car or in a gig bag.

Tone with good harmonic content

Headless basses tend to sound “stuffy” at best, with little overtone component due to their structure, but the Bacchus WOODLINE-HL has just the right amount of overtone component by adjusting the neck angle and optimizing the angle and distance from the headpiece to the nut. It is relatively close to a regular bass and produces a highly versatile sound.

Special goods

A handful of special goods are also included with this model! Check them out on the feature page down below.