Andy Santana


STR LS648 #429 WJB-330 WJB-Mini  


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I'm so glad to find this bass! Its very easy to play, elegant, lovely and with a very good sound. I think one of my better skills, or what i like more is the slap style. With this bass I really improve it much more! Also i feel it so easy each time i play no matter what, for example: pop, jazz, rock or Latin. Its like my hands and the bass really understand each other and they go alone!

It is my pleasure to show you this bass , because in my experience when i got this bass in my hands I start to improve all new techniques, that i'm getting now, after years playing bass.


詩人、作曲家、音楽家であった祖父と父親の影響を受け、16歳のときにキューバのMartha Abréu音楽学校にてベーシストとしての道を歩み始める。3年の後学校を卒業し、東洋音楽、フラメンコ、ラテン音楽など混在した音楽性を持つバンド『Aceituna sin Hueso』に加入。1年後、より商業的なスタイルを持つ、7人のキューバ音楽家からなるバンド、『Moneda Dura』にてベースを担当する。

2004年メキシコに移住し、David Torrensのバンドに加入。その後キューバに戻り、ミュージシャン仲間とキューバのラテン音楽をコンセプトに持つバンド、『Habana en Clave』を結成。2006年から2009年までロンドンの著名なラテンアメリカ系レストラン『EL Floridita』にて雇われる。2009年の冬から北京の『Casa Latina』に雇われ、中国に移住。契約終了後も中国に居住することを決断。 以後、中国全土の都市で世界中から来た多様なスタイルのミュージシャン達と共演する。



Andy Santana, following his grandfather and father poet, composer & musician careers, at age of 16 started his music career in the Martha Abréu Conservatory in Villa Clara City playing the bass.

After 3 years, he graduated and became part of a famous local band called "Aceituna sin Hueso" which was a mixture of oriental, flamenco & Latin music. After a year, he covered for 3 months the bass in "Moneda Dura", a band of seven Cuban musicians with a more commercial style.

In 2004 he moved to Mexico City, being part of David Torrens'band. Later, he went back to Cuba & with other musicians created the band "Habana en Clave", a Cuban Latin concept. The band was fast hired by a London famous Latin restaurant & bar, "El Floridita" from 2006 to 2009. Then in winter 2009, the band was hired & they moved to Beijing to play in "Casa Latina". After the end of the agreement, Andy decided to stay in China.

He saw a lot of musical opportunities and since then, he has been playing with different musicians from around the World in different cities of China. He plays bass, guitar, drums, piano & sings. His aims are Latin music, Jazz and Latin Jazz. Andy Santana right now lives in Shanghai, working for TV recording, huge events, and tours.