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When I first looked at this guitar I could see that this is not an average instrument, it isn't "just another guitar", I mean everything look so well done, the bodywork, the placement of everything, the finish, the craftmanship was present everywhere. And when I played it, man...I could agree with myself; 
“Yep, this is definitely a high class axe.”

The original pickups together with the Mango body produce a tone unlike anything I've heard before, warm tone, with a beautiful brightness, and the tones are so clean, even when the gain and distortion are pushed to the limit all the tones are still there, just amazing, and the output is strong and solid, not ridicuosly way too much like some active pickups. It's just...enough. Powerful. Balanced. And it is incredibly dynamic so it can purr or bite whenever you want it to. 
I love with this guitar.




1976年1月生まれ、スウェーデン出身。メタルバンドのEngine No.9、Eternia、DestyNation、Planet Storm、King DiamondのトリビュートバンドのNypon&Blylodなどの活動で知られる。1981年、5歳からピアノの演奏を始め、1988年、12歳でギターを始める。その6ヶ月後、始めてのライブを行う。




Ronny Blylod, born in June 1976, is a swedish guitar player best known for his work with the metal bands Engine No.9, Eternia, DestyNation, Planet Storm, and the King Diamond tribute band Nypon&Blylod.
He started playing the piano in 1981 at the age of 5, and picked up the guitar in 1988, 12 years old, and performed his first live gig 6 months later.
He is mainly self-taught, but did study 3 years in music school. 
He has participated on 15 albums, countless demos, a bunch of compilations, and has performed live all over Sweden from north to south, in Russia and Thailand. Playing with tribute bands, cover bands, party bands, original bands, acoustic bands, covering all styles from pop/indie pop/alternative/rock to powermetal/heavymetal/grindcore and deathmetal. 
And finally in 2011-2012 he was performing an average of 150-180 gigs/year.
Now he's back, after a 3 year break, with a couple of upcoming releases this year.