Eben Handoko


Eben Handoko graduated in Christian Music Degree from Christ For the Nations Institute in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. Since 2006, he has been serving in Mawar Sharon Church, a growing church of 40,000 in Indonesia. Currently, he is the bass players coordinator for Mawar Sharon Church. Since his younger age, he has shown great interest in music, having born and raised in church environment he was constantly exposed to church music. His passion is to educate and inspire other musician, to be spiritual and practical in daily basis. Moreover, he has a burning desire to see nations experience and encounter the love of Jesus Christ. His involvements in Festival of God’s Power and Trip To Hell crusade by Pastor Philip Mantofa exhibits his main goal, to play 
for Christ. He was also featured in GMS Live albums, Higher, More Like You, Indonesia Di Hatiku, Kupercaya Mujizat 2, Immerse live in Kuala Lumpur, Christmas is Christ and Home are available on Spotify with more than 3 million listeners each year. He visit Mawar Sharon local churches across Indonesia giving clinics and serving in multiple service on monthly basis. Eben has ample education in music, aside from his 
previous music education he further studies Jazz Standards in Jazz Centrum, Surabaya. Eben is regularly uploading his vlogs, playing and 
tutorials on Instagram and Youtube. Eben is also teaching private course by appointment and is the bass guitar curriculum Advisor for Yezzo Music School.

YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/user/ebone2003
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ebenhandoko/




WL5DX-ASH/M WBD (特注カラーモデル)

WL5DX-ASH/M WBD (特注カラーモデル)