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The One Day Guitar Show is an annual event held every November to showcase new products and limited editions of each Deviser’s brands. And it will be held again this year!
This year’s show will once again feature limited-edition products made by our skilled craftsmen using wood from the our wood stash. New products supervised by talented musicians, and a host of other cool models. We will gradually release information on the products to be presented on this preview page leading up to the show date of 14 November. Please look forward to it!

Limited models previews

The models selected from the ONE DAY GUITAR SHOW 2023 exhibits will be introduced in advance!

Momose collection of Japanese materials!

On top of Momose’s two main staples Sakura and Tochi wood, this year’s event will also feature “Exotic Champhor” timber, which is being used for the first time in a Momose model. Japanese red pine wood, which was well received at Deviser’s Special Showcase event May will also be featured! The exhibition will feature a wide range of unique Japanese wood materials, so please look forward to what’s to come!

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The Bacchus Japan Tune-up Series Is Here!!

The new Japan Tune-up Series follows in the footsteps of Bacchus’ popular WOODLINE model, with final adjustments made by the same Bacchus craftsmen who worked on the Craft Series.

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H.J. Freaks’ new signature model is here!

The new WL524-H.J. FREAKS will be launched this winter as the second model following the H.J. Freaks signature headless basses WL5HL-H.J. FREAKS & WL4HL-H.J. FREAKS, which were launched in 2019 and have been well received, but now at a more affordable price range.

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New Signature SeventySeven Model!

Guitarist Kyohei Ariga has been nominated in the guitarist category for the 2023 Music Store of the Year Award and is now attracting attention. The EXRUBATO-ZEBRA FINCH, which is being developed under the supervision of Ariga, a long-time Seventy Seven user, will be unveiled at the One Day Guitar Show.

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A new ROSETTA VESSEL is born!

The Rosetta series has been well received by guitarists for its unique 25″ scale, hollow body, P-90 pickups and simple but tasteful looks since it was first reissued in 2021, and now, a new iteration of this model is born

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Sakura Ukuleles!

Sakura Ukulele, a ukulele brand specializing in Sakura wood, was launched in May this year. A new line-up that expands its world will be presented at the One Day Guitar Show.

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A new arrival of -The Eagle-

The new Eagle model follows in the footsteps of Headway and combines innovative evolution with an inherited lineage. The curtain opens at the Deviser One Day Guitar Show event!.

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