H.J. Freaks’ new signature model is now available! [#DeviserOneDay]

Super bassist H.J. Freaks has been posting videos on YouTube and Nico Nico Video since its early days, and his eccentric performances and outstanding technical skills have had a strong and unforgettable impact on the audience. The Bacchus ‘WL4HL-H.J.FREAKS’ and ‘WL5HL-H.J.FREAKS’, signature headless basses with amazing specifications, were released in 2020 and are packed with H.J. Freaks’ weirdness.

Bacchus Custom Series WL5HL-H.J. FREAKS released in 2020

The headless signature bass was well received for its easy handling and practicality on stage, but there was also a longing for a ‘normal’ version with a head, so Bacchus and H.J. Freaks began working on several prototypes shortly after the headless bass was released.

And now, here’s the result of that work, almost ready to go.


The new Bacchus Japan Tune-Up series is scheduled for release at the end of November. While maintaining the important essence of the signature headless basses, such as the body shape, pickguard design, and control layout, the cost and specifications have been rebalanced to make the bass more accessible to a wider range of players.

Details will be available at the Deviser One Day Guitar 2023 event, with its feature website opening to the public at 6:00 P.M (JST) on 14 November. However, in this short article, we’ll introduce its features ahead of time!

Body shape inherited from the Headless Signature model

The body shape is based on the body of the headless signature model WL5HL-H.J.FREAKS, modified for the version with a head. Despite the traditional offset body shape, it is slim, easy to hold, and easy to handle.

Strong control layout

The controls have a strong lineup ready for any situation. The 3-band EQ allows for a wide range of sound-making, while the middle EQ adjusts the boost/cut of the mid-low frequencies at 250 Hz to control the presence and mixing of the bass in the band sound. Practical features include a pre-amp on/off switch for dealing with dead batteries and adjusting output during performance, a kill switch for daily use such as breaks during rehearsals, and an output jack on the top of the body to reduce problems such as the cable being unplugged by accident. These are also specifications inherited from the headless signature basses.

Roasted maple neck

The popular roasted maple neck, a new Bacchus classic, is also used on this model. The heat treatment applied to the maple wood not only makes it more rigid and resistant to warping, but also gives it a sharp sound with a good rise.

Alder body

The body is made of alder, which has long been the standard body material for electric basses and is loved by many players. The well-balanced sound range makes it easy to fit into ensembles and fits a variety of playing styles, regardless of the genre or scene. A blue matt finish gives the model a nice feel to the touch, and a warmth feel the wood.

◇What’s the Japan Tune-up series?

The biggest appeal of the Japan Tune-up series (to which we’ll refer as the JT series for the rest of this article) is the final adjustment process, which is carried out by experienced Japanese craftsmen. The parts that directly affect playability most are carefully finished at the WDG (Workshop Deviser Guitars), a division of Deviser in Japan.

  • In addition to the items shown in the images, string action adjustment and polishing of the fretboard, which directly affect playability. In order to achieve the playability required by H.J.Freaks, the appropriate setup is carried out while assessing the condition of each individual bass.

Deviser One Day Guitar Show 2023

Information on limited editions and new products from the various Deviser brands will be released all at once on a special feature page on the 14th of November! This countdown page will provide information on the exhibits before the release of the special website.