[New Release] WJB5-630-RSM/M-Act

From the Universe Series comes the -WJB5-630-RSM/M-Act-, an active 5-string bass with a roasted maple neck bass. Te long awaited 5-string RSM bass is here!

▲active 5-string bass 『WJB5-630RSM/M-Act』

Roasted Maple Neck

The feature of this model is that it uses roasted maple for the neck! Roasted maple is maple wood that has been treated with heat at high temperatures to volatilize the water and oil in the wood, increasing its rigidity and durability. Using roasted maple for the neck makes it harder for the neck to warp, which stabilizes the neck and gives it a vintage sound.

In addition, this model has a 3-piece roasted maple neck. This increases the strength of the neck and gives it a tighter, tighter sound.

3-Band EQ

The controls include a 3-band equalizer (EQ), which allows for a wide range of sound creation.

The control layout is as shown in the diagram above, from top to bottom: master volume, balancer, treble, middle, and bass. The balancer determines the balance between the output of the front and rear pickups, and the treble, middle, and bass 3-band EQs allow you to change the balance of the sound, such as the thickness of the sound and the sense of release. This 3-band EQ has a center click, so you can easily find the basic sound balance of this bass. The master volume allows you to set the final sound volume, so you can set the bass output sound in the band ensemble at hand.

Battery Holder

As this model is active based, it requires batteries, but the battery box is located at the back of the body, so battery replacement can be done smoothly and without much hassle.

Color Lineup

▲From left to right: 3TS,CAR,BLK,OWH,DLPB,PTL-SOB

The color lineup includes six colors! You can choose the model with the color of your choice.

You can choose the model with the color of your choice. If you are interested, please consult your local dealer to get yours!

Today’s model

▲Bacchus Universe Series WJB5-630-RSM/M-Act